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    Fond memories (yeah almost lol).

    Anyone remember this :-).
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    Looky here,

    I came across this. Maybe some hardcode Atari Fan might like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Atari-1200XL-Home-Computer-new-in-box-tested-working_W0QQitemZ8752834975QQcategoryZ82631QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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    Hmmm....my website might be vintage ;-)

    I designed my website to look and feel like a good old DOS application...does that count as vintage? ;-). it's a programming website but still....:-). http://www.ascii-world.com Comments, flames (hopefully not too many), critics, etc etc ;-) all welcome. that's why I posted this in the off...
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    Anybody know what this is? ;-).

    I thought I'd share this technical vintage breakthrough lol [/img]
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    Not sure if it's off topic..so putting it here ;-)

    I'm seeing more of this popup all over the place for different systems. A one chip MSX computer :-) http://www.bazix.nl/onechipmsx.html
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    An old IBM I used to have

    Not too long ago I owned an IBM 5100 series computer http://oldcomputers.net/ibm5100.html But I also had the 3 feet high dual 8" drive base that I put that thing on Smile. it had a fun basic (had the extended 32 Kb model too woohoo ). ALl was in working order. the electronic museum of where I...
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    ok not completely off topic :-)

    Since it does talk vintage all the way ;-) The First Freely Programmable Computer invented by Konrad Zuse http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa050298.htm The Harvard MARK I Computer - Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa052198.htm Anybody got room...
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    Mac LC III for trade :-)....

    As I mentionned in my intro I have both an LC III and a Performa 575 Sooooooo. I'd like to put my Mac LC III up for trade. DESCRIPTION: 68030 CPU running at 25mHz 8 Mb RAM 160 Meg HD System 7.0.1 (with CD to upgrade up to 7.5.5 External SCSI CD ROM drive Keyboard Mouse Color Monitor. Would...
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    All about me (drink plenty of coffee before reading ;-) )

    Hi everyone, now that I posted a few message i figured I'd introduce myself a bit (not to get anyone bored too much ;-)). I've been coding and using micros since 1975 and so I've seen all microcomputers start in the market, and end ;-). it's something I'd never regret doing again. I've had...
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    Amiga Basic Manual In Electronic media.

    As the title says, the Amiga Basic programming language that came with the A500 Workbench 1.2 OS...there was a manual for that that came when you bought the computer. I don't want shipping fees or anything which is why I'm hoping someone knows where to find a PDF version of it, or an ASCII...