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    Australian Computer Museum Society (ACMS)

    Hi folx, I'm helping the ACMS with it's micro collection, specifically it's Apple gear, but, in the way of these things, other early micros have come under my umbrella as most other people there are involved in "big iron". If anyone has micro stuff they would consider donating to the ACMS, let...
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    Silentype character set (from Apple II)

    Hi everyone, I have recently been trying to get a copy of the Apple II character set of the Silentype - here's the comp.sys.apple2 post explaining why: ---- In pursuit of my totally useless goal of recreating a school assignment I did 20 years ago on (and about) the Apple ][+, I have recently...
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    Apple //e Workstation Card Manual?

    I recently bought an Apple //e Workstation Card on eBay, and have secured a copy of the software for it (copies available via e-mail on request). I would like, if possible, to peruse the manual for said card. Given that the Call-A.P.P.L.E. website says that they "...have been given permission...