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    New England WTB TI-95 Accessories

    I'm looking for any Texas Instruments TI-95 accessories such as the PC-324 printer CI-7 cassette interface CM-8 8K or 32K RAM modules PA-201 power adapter, etc. If you have any TI-95 accessories you'd be willing to sell to a US address, please let me know. I'll pay immediately via PayPal
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    ISO Video Seven Manual

    I'm looking for either a physical copy or good quality scan of the manual for the Video Seven VRAM II Graphics Card. I know there are compatible cards out there but I'd really like to have one specifically for this card. If you have one, please let me know! Thanks.
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    Magnetic Peripherals BR8B2A 5.25" Floppy Drive Manual?

    I'm looking for any information on the Magnetic Peripherals BR8B2A 5.25" floppy drive. This was used in IBM PCs for a while so it's probably compatible with the Tandon TM100-2A but I'd like a manual specific to the drive itself. I checked bitsavers but no luck. If you have a manual or scan I...
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    WTB Altair UIO Serial Card and/or Manual

    Looking for an Altair UIO serial card/cassette interface used in the MITS Attache computer. Manual and cables would be a big plus!
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    WTB Altair UIO Serial Card and/or Manual

    Looking for the Altair UIO serial card/cassette interface that was used in the Altair 8800 Attaché system. If you have one you'd be willing to sell or know where I can download a manual for it, please let me know! Thanks! Tom L
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    Need Manual for Centronics HPC-136-3B

    I have a Centronics HPC-136-3B printer and it runs the self-test just fine. It has both a parallel and a serial port and right now it seems like the parallel port is the active one but I need to use the serial port. I see a couple banks of DIP switches inside but no legend as to what they do...
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    MicroDrive Turbo Problem

    I have a MicroDrive Turbo IDE interface in my Apple IIe Platinum. I has an adapter to allow two CD cards to be plugged into it. I have two cards that each work fine when they are the only card plugged in but when I plug both of them in, I get the message, "Volume not formatted" Does anyone else...
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    Wang 3300 Stuff Wanted

    Does anyone have any information about the Wang 3300 minicomputer other than what's at wang3300.org? That was the first real computer I ever saw (I programmed in FORTRAN before that but never saw the mainframe I was creating card decks for) and it will always hold a special place in my heart...
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    QDI P5I430VX 250DM Explorer II Turbo Switch?

    I have a QDI P5I430VX 250DM Explorer II SpeedStep motherboard with a 233MHz Pentium MMX processor and 128Mb EDO RAM. On it there's a connector for a Turbo LED but there's no connector for a Turbo switch and no instructions in the manual on how to activate turbo mode. I've looked through the...
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    Creating Physical TRS-80 Floppies From Disk Images

    I'm trying to create TRS-80 floppies from my Dell XPS 8700 (Core i7) PC using .dsk files downloaded from the Internet. I have a hardware board known as Kryoflux installed. What I'm doing is using the HxC floppy drive emulator to read in the .dsk file (the .dsk file works in the TRS32 emulator)...
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    Can't read BASIC tapes in Disk BASIC

    I have a 16K Model I with 32K EI (total of 48K), Radio Shack lowercase mod, RS, double density mod and RS cassette mod. The EI is the latest version with no buffered cable or pigtail cable. I have BASIC tapes that I made myself. I can read them just fine in Level II BASIC at almost any volume...
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    Need TI-74 MEMADD.SUB

    I have 32K cartridges for the TI-74 but can't use all the memory without MEMADD.SUB. Can anyone direct me to a Website that has it available for download or send it to me via email? Thanks! Tom Lake
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    WTB TI-74 or TI-95 Cassette Interface (CI-7)

    If you have a Cassette Interface, CI-7 for the TI-74 and TI-95, you'd be willing to sell, please contact me! Thanks. Tom Lake
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    WTB Working TEC FB-503

    I'm looking for a working TEC FB-503 1/2 height, 360 kb floppy drive to replace a bad one in my Tandy Model 4D If you have one you'd be willing to sell, please let me know! Thanks! Tom Lake
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    XT-CF-Lite v4 Problem

    I'm using an XT-CF-Lite v4 on an original IBM PC (5150). I discovered that running IBM BASICA would cause a total disruption of access to the CF card until a reboot. I then flashed the card with the latest BIOS and now the CF card isn't detected at all! I use the Auto adjust settings and all...
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    Commodore 2040 - No Green PowerLED

    I have an old 2040 Dual Disk Drive and it seems to work but the power LED never turns green. If there's an error, it does turn red but it's never on when it's supposed to be green. I took a known good power/error LED from an 8050 drive and confirmed that there's no power to the terminals when...
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    Commodore PET Video Problem

    I have a PET 2001-32 (built-in cassette, chicklet keyboard) with a video problem. The first ten characters (approx.) are wider than the rest of the characters on the line. One person told me to rotate two metal disks on the neck of the CRT but all that does is raise or lower the lines. It...
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    PET Video Problem

    I have an original PET 2001-32 with chicklet keyboard and built-in cassette recorder but with a newer motherboard than either the 2001-4 or 2001-8. The characters on the left side (first 10 or so) of the monitor are wider than the ones in the middle or on the right. Is there an easy adjustment...
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    Can't DUPLICATE Floppies on 8050

    I have a PET 2001-32 with a chicklet keyboard and built-in cassette recorder. It uses the upgrade BASIC ROMs (### COMMODORE BASIC ###) so I know the IEEE routines have been debugged. I also have an 8050 dual drive attached and can load directories, format disks, copy individual files, load, save...
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    WTB MITS Altair 2SIO

    Looking for a working 2SIO serial board with both ports. Will pay extra if port 1 is configured for 20 mA Current Loop instead of RS-232!