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  1. RWallmow

    Got my Performa 575 up and running.

    This machine did not need much, just a PRAM battery and SCSI drive. Motherboard looks fantastic, I think it might have been recapped already, cap solder joints are all shiny and don't quite look stock, a few are just ever so slightly crooked, so I suspect they might have been redone, but a very...
  2. RWallmow

    Got my GRiDCASE 1520 up and running.

    I just got the DC-DC board recapped and the Dallas RTC chip replaced (thanks to some help from Classicbits site for the password that gets set with a fresh Dallas chip with FF's in the password bits). Wish I had researched and known that before hand, I would have tried to write 00's to it...
  3. RWallmow

    Building a new Pentium 60 rig.

    I've had a ZEOS Pentium 60 board lying around in my hoard for decades now, finally getting around to building a system with it, picked up a nice period-correct full tower AT case and started in on the build. I still need to get a power supply figured out (going with modern AT supply and going...
  4. RWallmow

    It appears the old Vintage-computer.com forums got re-activated some how.

    I just got email notice about a post over on the old site, I thought this was shut down years ago, I replied to the new user who posted over there, advising them to head over here. http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?33831-The-Magic-dual-formatted-floppy-on-5150
  5. RWallmow

    IBM PS/2 L40SX Laptop issues, tantalum capacitor exploded.

    I recently picked up a L40SX, after having wanted one for quite some time (a friend owns one, and I fell in love with it). Well upon first power up I was greeted with nothing but a smell of hot electronics, so I popped it open, powered it on again to find what was getting warm, and instantly...
  6. RWallmow

    Finally have a proper place to work on and display my collection.

    First some back story, I have been collecting vintage computers since the mid 90's when I was in junior high (though it probably started earlier when I got an Apple //c in elementary school). All this time I have never had a proper workshop, I just worked on them in my bedroom growing up, and...
  7. RWallmow

    Powerbook 520 HDD help

    Not really, all the 2.5" SCSI drives that will work in PowerBooks are going on 20+ years old now, I wouldn't really trust any of them. Those solid state options are the best solution, but you could always try your luck on eBay for vintage drives.
  8. RWallmow

    IBM PS/2 L40SX Laptop odd HD behavior.

    So I was helping a friend with his L40SX laptop last night and we have both hit a wall on this super odd behavior. It will run and respond just fine when booted from floppy, however when booted from the HD (in this case a CF card, we tried multiple cards 128-512mb, all behave the same) as soon...
  9. RWallmow

    IBM 5170 PC/AT advice wanted.

    I was just given a PC/AT (among other things) by a coworker who is moving and downsizing, sometime in its past life it was upgraded with a generic 386 DX40 board, and I am torn on what I should do with it, wanting some advice if I should keep the generic 386 board in there, or if I should try to...
  10. RWallmow

    Was just given a TRS-80 Pocket Computer

    A coworker who knows I have a thing for old computers just gave me a TRS-80 Pocket Computer PC1 complete with leather bag and Printer/Cassette interface. I've ordered some of the button cell batteries it needs, as well as new NiCd's for the printer/cassette interface. Now the big question, is...
  11. RWallmow

    ZEOS Notebook 386

    I just picked up a ZEOS Notebook 386 cheap from ebay, and much to my surprise 2 of the 3 batteries still work! I clocked both of them and got 40min runtime on the first one, and 1hour 25min on the 2nd, 3rd is dead shorted, but probably rebuildable. Hard drive was shot in it, but I stuck a 20GB...
  12. RWallmow

    Finally got my long awaited ][, need help identifying rev

    Finally took delivery of my long awaited Apple ][, from what I can tell it does NOT look to be all original, case/keyboard look much older than power supply and motherboard, but I am far from an expert on this so I am going to post some photos here to see what others think. Also I got a "rainbow...
  13. RWallmow

    Tandy 1100 FD - Floppy woes, and other thoughts.

    I just recently added a Tandy 1100 FD laptop to my collection, and the machine powers up and boots MS-DOS from ROM like a champ. However I found the floppy doesn't work, upon disassembly I find that the drive is belt driven, and this is a common problem with a stretched drive belt, I believe I...
  14. RWallmow

    Period correct monitor for ][ and ][+

    I am wondering what a period correct monitor for the ][ and ][+ would be? I know most/many used TV sets, but were there any monitors that were popular? I know Amdek didn't come along till about 1978, so an early one would probably be correct for a ][+, but not an original ][. My goal here...
  15. RWallmow

    Looking for 16-bit ISA IDE/Floppy/IO board - trades?

    Looking for a 16-bit ISA 386/486 era IDE/Floppy/IO board Willing to spend $10-20 range (with shipping) OR I have the following I could trade: 3Com Etherlink II (COAX/AUI) - 8-bit ISA 3Com Etherlink III (Twisted Pair only) - 16-bit ISA (backwards compatible with 8-bit slot I am told, config util...
  16. RWallmow

    WANTED: ZEOS tower case of any type.

    I found an old socket 4 Pentium 60Mhz ZEOS motherboard in my stash (I remember upgrading the original Zeos machine with a new Socket 7 AT board and AMD K6-2 setup back in the early 2000's for a client) and now that I found this board I wanted to try to build up a vintage Zeos Pentium 60 rig...
  17. RWallmow

    WYSEpc WY-1100-1 - Anyone have any documentation

    I recently picked up a Wyse PC model WY-1100-1 from fellow member "DOS Lives On!!" As far as I can tell it works (beeps and floppy seeks), but I don't have a MDA monitor right now, and I was hoping to get an 8-bit VGA card that I have working in it, but I have searched up and down and cannot...
  18. RWallmow

    Sigma Designs - Hollywood RealMagic DVD Decoder PCI card.

    I just found my old Sigma RealMagic EM8300 card. No idea where its VGA passthrough cable is though, but they are available on ebay, same for the CD-Audio sound card link cable, but they are also available on ebay. I also have a copy of the Windows 9x drivers. I don't see myself ever using...
  19. RWallmow

    Apple IIc Plus

    The IIc Plus was the sixth and final computer in the Apple II family (not counting the Apple //e card for the Macintosh LC), it was released in September 1988. It is the same basic form factor as the previous Apple //c model, with several improvements. System Specs: 4Mhz 65c02 CPU (based on...
  20. RWallmow

    Macintosh Plus

    The Macintosh plus was the 3rd in the line of Macintosh computers (after the original 128k and 512k macs), released in January 1986. It was the first Macintosh to include a SCSI expansion port, and the first to use the mini-din serial modem and printer ports that continued on through the late...