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  1. inmbolmie

    IBM 4701-2 branch controller, software needed

    Hi, this is my little IBM 4700 Finance Communication System project. I have so far a restored 4704 terminal with the matching monitor and a 4701-2 branch controller that provides the local loop where the terminal should be connected. So far I have both pieces working and I managed to get...
  2. inmbolmie

    IBM 4704 missing video signals

    I have embarked on a silly quest to make this work: IBM 4704 banking terminal, I don't still have the (expensive) keyboard but that's not a concern as the protocol is pretty well documented and a converter could be made. My worries are, in this order: 1 - Figure out the monitor pinout and...
  3. inmbolmie

    IBM 5160 overclock Sergey’s way

    This is a continuation of this thread: http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?41940-IBM-XT-cpu-upgrade. I've not seen any further development of this idea and it is a very old thread, so I start a new one in response. In that thread Sergey Malinov posted a proposal of overclocking circuit...