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    For sale: 486 gaming system (located in Finland)

    I've build a great 486 system from extra parts I had. I tried to sell this at Finnish auction site, huuto.net, but nobody was interested. Pictures are here and specs are: Asus ISA-486SV2 motherboard + 16 MiB RAM Intel 486DX2 66 MHz Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428 based VLB graphics card with 2 MiB RAM...
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    XT compatible Sound Blaster 16 models

    I remember reading somewhere (maybe here) that Sound Blaster 16 can be used on XT systems. Of course only 8-bit features work so that would mean SB16 on XT is basically the same as Sound Blaster Pro 2. Most interesting SB16 model in my opinion is CT2290. That is because it is the only non-PnP...
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    IBM 5150 and some spare parts (in Europe)

    I have one extra IBM 5150 (no keyboard or monitor included) that I'd like to sell. I also have few spare parts from incomplete unit (no floppy drives). I'm asking 50 euros + shipping for tested IBM 5150 with these in it: Two full height 360k floppy drives IBM Floppy Drive Controller card IBM...
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    XTIDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0 beta testing thread

    It's been over a year since XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.1.5 was released and now it is finally time to release v2.0.0 beta 1. This is quite a big release as the version number indicates. There are so many changes that I don't think there are any code left from v1.1.5. Here are some of the most...
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    TSR programs with Open Watcom

    I'm trying to write 16-bit MS-DOS TSR program with Open Watcom. I've never used Open Watcom before. Actually I've never written a TSR program before but I know the procedure and DOS calls involved. Open Watcom C Library Reference mentions _dos_keep function to install TSR programs in memory...
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    Different 8-bit ATi EGA and VGA cards

    Here is something I found on ebay: ATi EGA Wonder 800 ATi VGA EDGE I also got some manuals with them: ATi EGA Wonder and EGA Wonder 800+ manuals ATi VGA88 and VGA Wonder manuals Paradise PVGA 1024x768 manual (and these too) The EGA card is definitely not Wonder 800+ and the VGA card is not VGA...
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    VGA Text Scanlines

    I didn't like how my LCD monitor displays VGA text modes and low resolution graphics modes using the same display mode. I needed to adjust the monitor every time when switching between games and DOS prompt. I was wondering if using 350 scanlines for text mode would help. It did and now I can use...
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    Best graphics card for 286 system

    I just tested almost all my ISA graphics cards on a 286. I'm a bit disappointed since only few of them actually worked on a 286. It seems that almost all later ISA graphics cards have BIOS that uses 386 instructions. I tested them using 24” HP LP2475w LCD monitor. It doesn't handle analog VGA...
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    IBM 5154 EGA monitor on Tandy 1000 SX

    Some time ago i mentioned a problem with IBM 5154. Now i've finally decided to take the monitor to a professional for repair. So now i've been testing the monitor again for detailed problem report. The 5154 does not work properly with Tandy 1000 SX. The colors or brightness doesn't seem to be...
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    Panasonic JU-475-3EAF not working

    I just got Panasonic JU-475-3EAF (5.25" 1.2 MB drive) and i can't get it to work. I've tried it on a 386 and on a clone XT. On a 386 POST just freezes. No matter if drive is set to 360k or 1.2M from BIOS. LED does not flash. I tried it as a A drive without B drive present. Clone XT does not...
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    Found lots of IBM PC/XTs

    I found some old PC stuff, mostly IBM systems: IBM 5150 (4 of these but one of them has only two cards and no floppy drives) IBM 5160 with manuals IBM 5161 expansion unit (with cable) IBM 5152 printer IBM 5151 MDA monitor [not for sale] IBM 5154 EGA monitor [not for sale] Hitachi CM1216DS CGA...
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    8088 prefetch algorithm

    Are there any documentation for 8088 (and later x86 CPUs too) prefetch algorithm? I know that prefetching occurs when execution unit does not need to access bus. I'd like to know exactly how and when prefetching is triggered and how (or if) execution unit overrides any prefetch cycles that have...
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    XTIDE Universal BIOS

    XTIDE Universal BIOS is now available at google code. Most up to date binaries, sources and wiki pages can be found there. XTIDE Universal BIOS discussion thread will remain here and i will always post here when new release is out.
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    Correct crystal for 80287

    I finally found a 80287. It's a 10 MHz part but i was wondering what crystal do i need for it. I have this motherboard with 16MHz 286 so i can't use the same crystal for 287. Should i use 20MHz crystal since x86 processors all need crystal with twice the processor clock rate?
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    New Tandy 1000 (SX) user with problems

    I've wanted a PC/XT for a while now (my first computer was a XT-clone with 8MHz V20, CGA, 640K and 20MB). I decided to get a Tandy 1000 to get better sound from Sierra's AGI games. I wanted a 8088 processor (so I can upgrade to V20 that my first computer had) so I thought that the Tandy 1000 SX...