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  1. tingo

    Intel 8085 question

    That looks useful. Anyone tried compiling it under a non-Windows operating system?
  2. tingo

    Reproduction Osborne 1 DD upgrade card

    The "page2" part of the schematic is empty. Is this intentional?
  3. tingo

    replacement for DEC AC input Y-capacitors, aka common-mode capacitors, aka bathtub capacitors

    Safety capacitors are readily available today (well, as available as any electronic component, given the component crisis and all) and should be replaced with working ones.
  4. tingo

    video board investigations

    Don't keep us in suspense, please tell what the problem was and how you solved it!
  5. tingo

    Oric Atmos 48k KB repair advice request

    Z80 :-D
  6. tingo

    Anyone really good with KiCAD PCB routing?

    Or just use project-specific libraries. It is easy enough to copy one you have used (and / or made) earlier to a new project. If you need more hands to rute the pcb for you @Chuck(G) , I can have a go at it.
  7. tingo

    DeluxeHosting is a festering malware pit

    Full disclosure: I don't like "admin-GUI" things, be they of web or any other kind. I prefer machines / accounts where I can use ssh, git, ansible and other command line tools. I have never used cPanel, but the list of vulnerabilities is long...
  8. tingo

    Vendex Headstart III

    Make copies :)
  9. tingo

    The quest for a small keyboard driver

    This looks useful - thanks for making and sharing!
  10. tingo

    Open University Hektor III ROMs

    Interesting machine. There are user manual for Hektor and Hektor III here https://www.progettosnaps.net/manuals/pdf/hektor.pdf https://www.progettosnaps.net/manuals/pdf/hektor3.pdf
  11. tingo

    Collections Old and New

    I know - that's why I was asking what his HP 9826 is / was running. There are many things a HP 9826 could be running.
  12. tingo

    Collections Old and New

    What does the HP 9826 run? Instrument BASIC?
  13. tingo

    Pascal for DEC RT-11?

    Does this count? https://archive.org/details/h42_Oregon_Software_Pascal-2_Version_2.1_for_RT-11_User_Manual
  14. tingo

    Looking for First 3D printer, need advice

    Just stick with PLA and PETG filaments - it will work for most of your needs. If you have a direct drive extruder you can use TPU filament too.
  15. tingo

    New England Toshiba Infinia 7200 restore diskette

    and the CD-ROM does not contain an image of said floppy disk?
  16. tingo

    Q: A1000 Floppy Drive LED

    What kind of LED is it? Shape? Size? color?
  17. tingo

    Anyone have experience with Cisco Aironet Wireless accesspoints?

    The AIR-LAP-1142-N-K9 (at least, I haven't looked at the other) is a CAPWAP access point. You will need a Cisco console cable (it's different from an ethernet cable) and the instructions here https://popravak.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/resetting-cisco-capwaplwap-access-point-to-factory-defaults/ I...
  18. tingo

    PDP-9 at the RICM

    Fantastic progress!
  19. tingo

    Searching problems…

    Good to know. Thanks!