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    RS-232 External Loopback Test for TxD/RxD

    Hi, I am testing a QuadRam card with a 8250 UART serial port that I previously could not use due to no data being exchanged in programs. The loopback testing information and program used is thanks to modem7 in a recent posting...
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    Tandon TM-100-2 Track Seeking

    Hi all, I have two Tandon TM-100-2 in a 5150. The second drive has an issue that I can't seem to figure out what to do. I used IMD from Dave Dunfield and determined that the drive seems to be aligned, and track zero switch is working. I can move in one track increments from 0 to 39 and read no...
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    Early IBM touchscreen calibration

    Has anyone worked with early IBM touchscreen calibration? Is it a fairly hard thing to get right? I have an IBM 4055, and I am not sure how unique the design is. I think it is similar to other IBM touchscreen design, particularly the one was sold as an external overlay to a monitor in later...
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    Looking for original IBM EGA Card

    Hi, For a project I am working on, I am looking for an original IBM EGA card. It must be an IBM made card. It does not have to have the memory expansion, and it can be in any condition, if priced accordingly.
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    IBM EGA Card Clock

    Hi All, I bought an IBM EGA card advertised as working, but unfortunately it does not. The screen does not display properly, with the correct DIP switches and EGA monitor. This monitor and computer works correctly on an EGA Genoa card. I measured the vsync and hsync pins on the db9 and found...
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    Solder pad replacement

    Hi all, I have a VLB video card here that had a surface mount tantalum cap torn off along with the pads. The tear does not appear to have gone into the underlayer, so the only real damage is the missing pads. The cap is missing of course, and the card still works. It was a ripple supply cap for...
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    EGA card recommendation

    An EGA card was one thing I've never have used all these years, and I never intended to get involved with. Except I found one monitor I had picked up 25 years ago was secretly an EGA monitor, and I also have come across software for the monitor that complains it needs EGA, and won't run on CGA...
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    Wtb: Ibm gpib isa

    Does anyone have an IBM GPIB 8-bit ISA board, otherwise known as a National Instruments 6323705 or compatible? I would like to make sure it has the same jumper blocks and compatible NEC D7210C. This is because I want to use software written for it, and I am unsure how standardized the controller...