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  1. J

    Really need a Bytesaver II

    My Bytesaver II has gotten very flaky to the point where I can't really use it, and it's the only way I have to burn 2708 EEPROMS (I know, I know, move to 2716 etc but I'm both stubborn and lazy) Anyone out there have a Bytesaver II they want to sell?
  2. J

    programming the Intel 8272

    I need some help from old brain cells out there. I have the Compupro DISK1 board in my Imsai 8080 (rebuild project) and a pair of well-preserved 8" floppy drives. I am writing the basic disk control routines and have hit a snag. All drives and controller are wired correctly and running. Seek...
  3. J

    Unknown S-100 card - need help

    I too am rebuilding an Imsai 8080. I built several new ones in college (1977) and found one that needed some love. Everything is working and I have been scouring the web tubes for old S-100 cards. I am currently trying to get my serial port to work. I am using my $4000 Mac Pro as a dumb...