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  1. tingo

    A thread with a bug?

    In the overview of the Commodore sub-forum, I see this thread. When I try to view it, I get the message "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page. For assistance contact the site administrator." Reporting here just in case this is a bug.
  2. tingo

    search not working properly?

    It looks like the search function doesn't work properly. When I try to search for "C128" or "commodore 128" I only get a few results (c128 = 1, commodore 128 = 0). There are more topics than that in the Commodore forum :-/
  3. tingo

    Tandberg TDV 2200/9 S terminal - ROM dumps available

    I have dumped the EPROMs from a Tandberg TDV 2200/9 S terminal, aka ND320. They are available, along with a few pictures on the product page on NDwiki: ND320. Just in case someone wants to try to make an 8085-based terminal emulator or something.
  4. tingo

    Mostek MK37013P datasheet?

    Does anyone have a datasheet for a chip called Mostek MK 37013P? See the top chip (U31) in the attached picture. This chip is supposedly a PROM. On the schematics it is listed as "2716 / 2764 / MK37013", and the only configuration jumper (on the schematic) is to tie A11 to +5V if it is not in...
  5. tingo

    Floppy drive repair: Epson SD-521

    My Tiki 100 (Norwegian machine with CP/M 2.2 compatible os) has two floppy drives: Epson SD-521 (5.25 inch, 40 track, 360k). But only one of them works. So far I've done a visual inspection, as well as a visual comparison of the drives in operation. Both drives spin when accessed (with a floppy...
  6. tingo

    Sharp PC-7000 - space for internal upgrades?

    We (our local makerspace) got a Sharp PC-7000 gifted. The machines seems to work, both drives, display, speaker and keyboard. I'm wondering if there is any space for internal upgrades in it? Like an XT-IDE card? I couldn't find any pictures or videos online that would settle this question one...
  7. tingo

    Digitronics 2540 repairs?

    Has anyone done any repairs on the Digitronics 2540 paper tape reader? (Ok, the manual calls it a "perforated tape reader") I haven't really evaluated the status of mine, but a visual inspection tells me that the rubber on the capstan is gone and needs to be replaced...
  8. tingo

    images off 8 inch SS/SD floppies

    I recently got my 8 inch floppy drive set up so it can be used with a FluxEngine, and to test the setup I made images of some 8 inch floppies that I have been given. Some of them are CP/M floppies. Are all these available online? If not, I could put up the images so that people could get them...
  9. tingo

    command-line tool that gives info about what's in a .scp (SuperCard Pro) file?

    Yesterday, I put together a BluePill with Greaseweazle firmware on it, hooked it up to a 3.5 inch floppy for testing, and started trying out the gw software. Which records data to .scp files, and then you need another tool to change that into something more useful (all in all, an acceptable...
  10. tingo

    Tandberg TDV 1200 terminal - service manual?

    Today I got a Tandberg TDV 1200 terminal. Currently, it is not working. It sounds like the power supply is trying to start, but fails (a repeated sound). So, does anyone have a service manual for this terminal? Preferable already scanned?
  11. tingo

    Physically small desktop-type computer, with a floppy connector?

    I have a need for a physically small machine with a standard floppy controller and connector. The reason for the "small size" requirement is that this machine is going to be used a floppy reading machine, and I need to bring it with me in a backpack, together with a small monitor, keyboard, 8...
  12. tingo

    3.5 inch floppy drives - repair or not?

    The days where 3.5 inch floppy drives were easily available ended some years ago (at least here in Norway). Today I tested a couple of motherboards as possible floppy imaging machines, using the excellent TestFDC program by Dave Dunfield. Since I don't have the necessary cables for my 8 inch...
  13. tingo

    reading single-sided format floppies in a PC with a 5.25 inch 1.2 Mbyte drive?

    In general: is a normal PC (vintage enough to have a built in floppy controller) equipped with a normal 5.25 inch 1.2 MByte floppy drive also able to read floppies that are single-sided? Or is there some kind of (hardware) limitation (FDC? floppy drive? or both?) that prevent you from doing...
  14. tingo

    Happy birthday per!

    Happy birthday Per! I hope you got something vintage computer related also.
  15. tingo

    Want to run MVS?

    Via another mailing list, this showed up: http://wotho.ethz.ch/tk4-/ As I understand it, it is everything you need to run MVS on Hercules or another system/370 emulator.
  16. tingo

    CP/M-68K Simulator

    I found this while I was reading the comp.os.cpm newsgroup: http://home.earthlink.net/~schultdw/cpm68/simulator.html with a small patch to cpmsim.c it compiles under FreeBSD: #ifdef __FreeBSD__ #define TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(expr) \ ({ long int _res; \ do _res = (long int) (expr); \...
  17. tingo

    Building a case for a small SBC?

    Has anyone built their own case for a small single board computer? As some of you might know, I have just completed the CPU board of my P112 sbc, thnaks to David Griffith's Kickstarter. So while I am waiting on the rest (I've just ordered a GIDE kit and a 4-port LAN kit from TG Consulting), I am...
  18. tingo

    Correct parameters for reading a 360K floppy in a 1.2 MB drive?

    What are the correct parameters for reading (yes, reading, no writing here) a 360K floppy in a 1.2MB drive (5.25 inch, if anyone wonders)? I recently got a few boxes of 5.25 inch 48 tpi floppies, they are labeled "Digital", "RX31K" and "2D 48TPI". I thought it would be nice to see if I could...
  19. tingo

    Recommended terminal emulation software to access Z-System?

    I have been testing my P112 with the Z-system boot floppy for now (the machine is complete, but putting it into a case and adding a floppy drive 2 remains). I'm using gtkterm and a usb-to-serial adapter from my laptop to access the P112. When running tcselect, I selected vt100. But I don't think...
  20. tingo

    slim 3.5 inch floppy drives with std connector?

    Is it possible to get slim 3.5 inch floppy drives (internal or external) with the standard 34-pin connector on them? I got my P112 kit today, and would like two slim drives for it. But all I can find on eBay (and other places) are usb floppy drives (the ones I have opened doesn't have a standard...