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  1. J

    GS rom 1 07000000 System Bad

    My IIGS rom 1 running self diagnostic on 1st power up will give 07000000 System Bad message. http://support.apple.com/kb/TA36967?viewlocale=en_US indicates 07 is "Real Time Clock Test" What does this mean in plain english? Is this fatal? The system boots both ProDOS 8 v.2.0.3 and GS/OS 5.0.2 fine.
  2. J

    Macintosh PowerBook 180c parts machine

    I have a nonfunctioning PowerBook 180c. Missing hard drive for sure, also the cover for the rear ports, and many screws. For sure all the screws that hold the thing together. The plastic around the screw underneath the modem port is broken. Othewise generally nice appearing. Will include 2...
  3. J

    digital DECstation 3100 $25 plus shipping. USA only.

    pictures and more info pictures and more info From the label on the back: Model PM20A-AA From the label on the bottom: FTZ-338/88 CPU KN01 Series BA42A also some interior pictures
  4. J

    DEC digital brand monitor

    DEC digital monitor VR160-DA RGB with BNC inputs. No Cables. Plugged in turned on, no smoke, some life in the screen. Do not know how to test further. This thing is HEAVY! Headed for the recycler.
  5. J

    DEC 8" floppy drive mechanism

    I have 4 of these. I think they are all the same. The one I am looking at has part #70-13077-00 REV. K on the label. They weigh nearly 10 lbs. each and measure approximately 17"x5"x9". I hope some one will want these and make a good home for them.
  6. J

    digital DECstation 3100 $25 plus shipping. USA only.

    digital DECstation 3100 $25. Just the box, power supply, motherboard, cables for drives and mounting tray, external scsi termimator. NO ram, hard drives, keyboard, external cables, monitor, etc.. This thing weighs 21 lbs. without packing and measures 19"x4.5"x16". Unable to test. Has minor...
  7. J

    Apple IIc plus

    I have an Apple iic plus. It is yellowed, somewhat dirty, and has a missing (broken off) esc key but appears otherwise undamaged. It has no other broken plastic or unsightly gouges. It passes the built-in diagnostic test (system good). I don't have any software handy to check the drive. If you...
  8. J

    digital DECstation 3100

    I have a bare digital DECstation 3100 (without memory, drives, monitor, or keyboard) box with motherboard and power supply. I have no way to test it. Is it worth anything to anyone here? And if it is should I post to Vintage Computer Items or Off Topic Marketplace? Thanks.
  9. J

    microchannel sound cards on ePay.. not mine.

    # 270559228733 ChipChat 16 Microchannel MCA Sound Card ...already over $300 usd and # 190387121527 Used Microchannel PS/2 Sound Card IBM part no. 95F1288
  10. J

    ps2 mca sound card - what are they worth

    Some one on VC forums had one and I was too slow to inquire and now it is gone. If I should be so lucky to find another what would be a fair price? For a genuine IBM model? For a third party model? I would be installing it in a "77" I think (or maybe a "57" been a while since I actually saw it).
  11. J

    eBay. wonder what they will do about that

    http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/images/smilies/confused.gif http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260346146974