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    Commodore pet 4032 external cassette drive no power

    Hi all I have just fixed a commodore pet 4032 with no picture with the help of a previous post on here but would now like to run some software. I have got hold of a c64 cassette drive which I have tested on my commodore 128 computer but on the pet it is completely dead. I type in load and it...
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    Commodore pet 4032 cassette port dead

    Hi all I recently brought a commodore pet 4032 computer with no picture which I managed to repair following a post on here about a 8032 computer. Now I have it booting I brought a c64 tape player so that I could try and load some software but I am getting nothing. I type load enter the computer...
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    Sord DR-5 Computer Tape Deck help needed

    Hi all I have a Sord M5 computer and with it came a Sord DR-5 Computer Tape Deck which is working but my question is when I plug the lead in the ear socket the sound is still coming out of the built in tape speaker is this right because it can get very noisy trying to load a game and does not...
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    BBC model B computer help please

    Hi all I have just picked up a BBC computer and tried turning it on and just get a continuous buzz with two lights lit and no picture. So I have tried looking online but can't find any details on the version I have inside on the motherboard it says 0233,000 ISS 1 copyright 1984 and on the bottom...
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    Mattel Aquarius memory help

    Hi all I have a Mattel Aquarius computer and just got hold of a 16k memory cart but I not sure if it is working I tried loading a game and got a om error message is there anything I can type in to see if the memory is working. Many thanks in advance