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    IBM JX Information Page

    Awesome, I love these things. I have/had three: My good JX is Australian with 384KB RAM (base + 2 memory cards in expansion unit) and three floppy drives. I have expansion unit #19 with a 5.25" floppy installed as C drive. My first was a non-diskette model, with no cluster adapter, it came with...
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    Kermit compatibility

    I have a Wang PC I need to back up, The Wang PC isn't 100% IBM compatible, as such I need to be sure whatever transfer program I use needs to run correctly. but I read that in Kermit 2.26 they added support for the the Wang PC. Does anyone know if the later versions like 3.14 are still capable...
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    Microsync dClock

    This is a battery backed up clock that goes between an 8088 CPU and the socket. I've put a new battery in mine, but I've not been able to get it to work using common programs. Does anyone have the driver for this thing? It's pretty neat, and would go well in one of my 640KB XT's that don't...
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    Model A on ebay cheap

    Found it, Quadram Quadboard on https://electricthrift.com/2013/03/31/quadboard-by-quadram/ Image from that page attached, note the attachment box accessory which must've come with some Quadboards
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    Bracket for 5160 Dual HDDs

    Not my picture, but this is what the original pairs look like: I too never took any photos but have two systems using the original brackets.
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    IBM BIOS wont start after 640K mod

    I'll just list what's happened with this board: - Perfectly working 64-256KB motherboard I had as a spare - RAM and ROM and U84 taken from very bad condition 640KB board - E2 soldered - No start, so used Supersoft/Landmark ROM, found bad RAM chips and replaced. A0000 OK, including self-refresh...
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    Bizarre sulfur damaged IBM PC XT

    I just purchased it for the case, so I'm not fussed about it's dead motherboard, but thought it was interesting. So the machine came with: - IBM Model M from 1986, with black XT cable, and no LEDs (so sold with a late model XT). - Newer BIOS fitted with IBM stickers, that you'd normally see on...
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    Intel releases new 8086 CPU!

    Quick ramble about mine..... Using auto settings, the system was stable and didn't overheat at 5Ghz across all six cores with Prime95 @ 100%. But other than bragging rights I don't really need an overclock and the voltage was higher than I was comfortable with - so it's back at defaults. I was...
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    Intel releases new 8086 CPU!

    I'm almost two weeks late to this party, but wanted to mention that I was stupid enough to purchase one of these - and an entire new setup. I'm having a Z370 motherboard BIOS flashed right now so I can install it (just got a text saying it's ready to pickup - yey). Six cores, each guaranteed to...
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    Xebec in expansion unit issues

    Ok, so I'm done with it and it's working well enough that I'll just cross my fingers and hope it doesn't get worse. Final changes were to use an ST11M and moving the network card to the main system unit. ST11M - seems to only work with some drives, I have two ST412's with bad sectors - one...
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    Monroe 80186

    On a local auction site a Monroe 80186 PC (~1983/1984) has popped up that appears to be in working condition. It's the kind of neato thing I'd love in my collection, but not if I can't do anything with it. It is supposed to run CP/M or MS DOS but clearly it's a non-standard architecture and...
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    Xebec in expansion unit issues

    I'll update this again later when I've had a second go at it. So I got my 5161 expansion unit running, but with an original (Variation #1 on minuszerodegrees) Xebec controller and ST412 the system will 99% of the time hang the machine if a drive is connected. If I disconnect the control cable...
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    IBM Extender Card

    I purchased a 5161 in mint condition with sender/receiver cards, and have a 62 pin cable coming from the US right now. But unfortunately one of the cards turned out to be a serial board! So I'm kind of stuck. Does anyone have an Extender card laying about to save my hopes and dreams? PayPal...
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    Looking for AOS / BSD4.3 for IBM RT

    I'd like to pull out my IBM RT sometime soon and give it the once over. Rather than reinstall AIX again and be limited to whatever IBM put on the disks, I was hoping to try AOS (a.k.a. IBM 4/3, based off BSD 4.3) but I can't find it. I also read on the old newsgroups that people were working on...
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    what is the weirdest piece of hardware/software in your possession?

    Well it's hardware, but more of a system than an accessory. Some of you have probably already seen me talk about this before, but since it's back on the workbench... FileNet Cluster Workstation - 68020 main CPU - 16MB RAM - 4 x video cards with 512KB VRAM and 68000 CPUs - 4 x 25" high...
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    Linux/BSD for 4 floppy drives

    Just after some suggestions here, I'm planning to use a 386 or 486 (or whatever is needed) + primary and secondary (separate) floppy controllers. Ideally I want to be able to: - ssh or telnet in - support the secondary floppy controller - be able to "dd" raw images to various formats - able to...
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    Source for ODI drivers or Interlan NI5210 driver?

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a large collection of ODI drivers for ISA network cards? Something that isn't easily found on google? (I've spent 2 hours on google). I'm specifically looking for NI5210.com - but not the Cygwin packet driver. Being a fairly well supported card...
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    Wang PC Software (new arrival)

    Just had a very large box of disks arrive, for the Wang Professional, Wang VS, and PC200/PC300 series computers. Normally I wouldn't list things like this, but being a semi-obscure set of machines, finding original stuff for these is quite a challenge. I wont link their contents here (except...
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    Taiwan 8088 memory failure on Bank 1 - what did I miss?

    So I had a spare Turbo 8088 style board laying about - just another Taiwan special. Anyway in the process of building an XT with it, I noticed it had 512KB of RAM on board but the RAM test only showed 256KB. This isn't the end of the world because in the end a jumper switch + an AST Six Pak...
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    New old stock floppies loosing data...

    I've had hit and miss with 5.25" floppies as well. A photo from the last box box of 100 sealed NOS floppies I paid for (and shipping to NZ) For disks that didn't have that (from other orders) I've had some that were unreliable, and others that still boot a machine years later.