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    Siemens Nixdorf xpert D990 black screen

    Hi, Sorry about the strange title. I had a hard time coming up with something descriptive. I have a Siemens Nixdorf xpert Tower 200mhz MMX machine that I absolutely love, but today I decided to replace the old IDE drive with a CF-card. After detecting the CF (which replaced the CD-rom on the...
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    Front Page Sports Golf Add on courses (Vol.1 no.2 specifically)

    Released by Sierra in 1997. This is one of my all time favourite golf games. Hugely influental and overall a very well done game. Still, information about it is quite hard to come by. I only recently discovered that there were released add on courses for the game. The game itself is labled Vol.1...
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    Using new parallel printers on old machines

    I've been wanting to buy a 24pin dot matrix printer for quite some time. I have a "new" 9pin Oki ml280 Elite which works perfectly on every parallel system I've tried it with. I'm eyeing the Epson LQ 590II but as it's quite expensive I can't make myself order one before I'm confident that it'll...
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    Apple IIgs ( //gs) wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for an Apple //gs, preferably with 5.25" and 3.5" floppy, preferably European but I understand that this might be difficult. Keyboard and mouse is not important and monitor is unawanted :P If you have an Apple IIgs laying around that you're willing to part with please PM me or...
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    ISA cards don't make contact with motherboard in my AT cases (486 motherbaord)

    Hi there, So I've been having an issue. I have a 486 build that I'm trying to put together but I can't find a case that fits. It's a regular AT motherboard and all regular cards, but the motherboard always seem to end up sitting too low in the case. It's the bracket on the ISA cards that make...
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    My C128d (plastic) just died and I need help

    Hi all, My beloved C128 just died. It's the first computer me and my brother got and it's been with me all these years. I was playing around with it the other day and it suddenly just died. I heard a loud SPARK and the screen went white. At first I thought the monitor had failed (since the sound...
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    Quality of NEW AT PSU's

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has done any tests or have opinions regarding the quality of some of the new AT PSU's that can be bought online. Personally I've only tried StarTech's AT350, and while they appear to work fine I recently had TWO separate HDD's die in my Amiga 1200 tower within...
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    Make Windows 95 install media from installation

    Hi there, I have a SiemensNixdorf xpert machine that has windows 95 installed, and it has all those nice graphics (like SiemensNixdorf logo in Control panel -> System etc.). The machine did not come with any CD's or floppies and I was hoping that there is a way to make install floppies or a CD...
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    Siemens Nixdorf (xpert) Windows install CD or driver floppy disks

    Hi there, I'm looking for any driver or windows medium for Siemens Nixdorf (specifically xpert machines) Windows 95 era. Please do contact me if you have any or know where I can download some :) Kind regards
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    Transfering .dsk files to floppies (Tiki-100 CP/M)

    Hello, I suppose my issue might be unusual but I am hoping that someone here will be familiar with the norwegian computer Tiki-100. I just got one but I only have a few floppies with programs. However there is someone who has archived a lot of disks: http://www.djupdal.org/tiki/program/ They...
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    A norwegian podcast about retro games, hardware and technology

    Hi, I just wanted to let people here know about this new podcast I'm doing in Norwegian. Perhaps someone might enjoy it? We're releasing a new episode every 14 days, and each episode with focus on one particular subject - in-depth game analysis, guests, interviews with notable people, hardware...
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    Parallel printer suddenly not working

    I have a very nice Star LC24-200 color that I've been using with my old 8088 and 386. Now it's been several months since last time and now it suddenly isn't working. I've tried it with my 8088, my 386, my Win98 pentium and my Amiga. On the DOS machines the printer prints but only garbled...
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    720kb floppy drive suddenly turned into a 360kb drive !?

    Hi all, I wrote this in another thread called "Adding a 5.25" to Commodore PC20-III" but thought it was interesting and annoying enough to warrent a thread of it's own (as it was a bit of a digression in the other thread). The problem is that my 3.5" floppy drive no longer wants to format 720kb...
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    A nice XT style case for 286 build

    Hi there, I recently bought a 286 but it arrived completely crushed. Somehow the PSU seem to have survived so I am looking for a case to put the PSU in so that I can build a 286. I am looking for one of those cases with the big flip switch in the rear of the side (like the IBM 5160). IBM 5160...
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    Repair crushed computer case?

    I just got my newest addition to the collection. A nice old 286 with the big switch in the back and the car hood-type case opening mechanism. I was really excited to get it but when I opened the box it was crushed and bent out of shape. I've never seen a computer get this messed up during...
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    A very strange Wordstar bundle!

    Hi there, Recently I bought a completely NIB bundle of wordstar, professional and correctstar on Ebay. I had no idea which version or what OS it was for, but I went for it. It came in three separate shrink wrapped binders all shrinkwrapped together. It's been sitting in my bookcase for a couple...
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    Adding a 5.25" to Commodore PC20-III

    Hello, I am trying to add a second floppy drive to my machine. The one it came with is a 720kb 3.5" drive. I have three 5.25" drives but due to the shortness of the flopyp drive cable in the machine I am only able to test one of them, an Epson SD-680L. It is discovered as B: by the machine but...
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    No game graphics on monochrome CGA system?

    I've recently restored a really nice Commodore PC20-III with a Commodore 1404 monochrome monitor and commodore keyboard. I'm really happy with how the system runs but I've run into an issue that I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on. The PC20-III has a built in CGA display. It is set...
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    Orchid Righteous 3D II Voodoo 2 3dfx

    Hi there, I'm looking for one of these cards. Preferably complete and boxed, but I'll take most degrees of completeness. I'll also take just a box, just the Driver CD, just the bundled games etc. :) They show up on ebay regularly, but usually just the card.
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    Siemens Nixdorf XPert tower

    Hello, I am looking for a Siemens Tower similar to the one pictured. It was the first Windows computer we bought, and I would love to have one. As long as the tower is in good condition I am interested!