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    VESA VLB 1MB (exp to 2MB) S3 Video card and VESA VLB Multi I/O card

    Clearing out some of the clutter around the basement. $40 + shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/302011108960?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Drivers and jumper settings available as a ZIP file if you have one of the same cards and need them. I didn't scan the video card manual, it's about 50 pages.
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    New Tandy 1000 RLX

    Picked this up a few weeks ago. 1000 RLX with original keyboard, mouse, printer and VGM 220. Plugged it in and bad things happened. High pitched squeal, smoke, burning plastic smell, the usual. I thought the power supply had died, but it was the monitor. Now I just need to change the battery and...
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    Seagate ST351A/X jumper settings

    I have a Seagate ST351A/X from a dead Tandy 1000 RLX. I want to put it in a P4 and see if it works and image it if it does. I can find a dozen versions of the jumper settings to put it in AT mode, but they all have options for "bus reset high" and "bus reset low". Any ideas on what this should...
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    New way to get DRM free games

    They only have six titles available now (three are STALKER games) but the way it works is that you put in the CD key from your boxed copy of the game and they will add the DRM free version to your games library and then you can download it. More titles coming soon. http://www.gog.com/reclaim
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    HP Vectra VE 6/350

    Not vintage, but the local thrift store had it so I grabbed it. It's pretty clean, and looks like it's been upgraded with more RAM and a second hard drive. Haven't had a chance to plug it in and fire it up, should get to it this weekend.
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    Bought a SGI Indy today

    Just picked it up this afternoon. The seller has a few more Indys and at least one Indigo2. now I need to find a 13W3 adapter.
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    Cpu id

    Found a pair of odd ones while going through a box of random CPUs and heat sinks. Sorry about the bigger one, it seem permanently attached to the heat sink. Maybe somebody can recognize it by the pattern of the pins. I know the small one is DEC, but from what? The heat sink was actually bolted...
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    FS: Used AT tower case & power supply

    Used AT tower case and 250W power supply. The corner of the bezel is chipped: And it doesn't have any feet, so the bottom is scuffed: It has a lock, but no keys.
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    FS: Apollo MVP3 motherboard, K62 /333 96MB RAM $40 + shipping

    Cleaning house again, decided to try here before Ebay. 2lbs, 11 oz, 12X10X7 from the 24571 zip code.
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    Long slot covers

    I found these going through a bag of slot covers and connectors. I knew that a lot of the early AT cards were too tall to fit into an XT case, but I thought that the slots themselves were the same heights. Did I miss something during the 286 era?
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    Anybody recognize this non-vintage Bell-Atlanitc item?

    It's in a semi-local auction of an out of business ambulance company.
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    Flat cable, 9-pin male/female ends, what's it for?

    Found these in a bag of 9-pin to 25-pin adapters, gender changers, null modem adapters and such. Never seen these before.
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    An ebay how-not-to guide

    Well, I had $0.87 in ebay bucks to spend, and some time to kill, so I went trolling through the "Everything Else" section of ebay, looking for something I could buy for $0.87. My Paypal account is dry, so $1.50 was my upper limit. :) I know that ebay likes to nag when you do a listing about how...
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    Found a pair of Packard Bells

    Went to an estate sale today, came home with two Packard Bells, a Legend 386X and a Legend 650X. The 650X works, the 386X does not, so I took it apart and took some pictures of both. Packard Bell porn, anyone?. :) They also had an AST 486 but I was out of time and money, so I had to leave it...
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    Not vintage (yet) but cool - Dell PowerEdge 4200

    Picked this monster up from a Craigslist ad today. Don't know what to do with it, but was afraid they would scrap it if nobody wanted it. Damn near killed me carrying it into the house.
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    Anybody ever buy anything on Etsy?

    Prices seem a bit high (but then I'm cheap, so...) anyway this looks nice: http://www.etsy.com/listing/150365771/texas-instruments-home-computer-994a?ref=br_feed_29&br_feed_tlp=vintage-category I had one of the silver ones back in the day, never saw one like this.
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    Saw this at the local flea market

    Like the title says, saw it at the flea market and had to take a picture. Sorry about the crappy quality of the pic.
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    Computer games on 33 1/3 records

    Anybody remember these? I hope this is in an archive somewhere, I do NOT want to have to dig out a turntable and do it myself. :)
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    MS-DOS 5.0 Condensed Version

    Picked this up today in a thrift store. What's this "condensed version" mean? What did they leave out?
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    Alloy Computer Products NTNX

    I'm clearing out more stuff and trying out Imagedisk at the same time. One of the things in the pile is an installation guide and two sets of disks for NTNX from Alloy. No hardware, just disks and manual. From Wikipedia: "In 1984 Alloy developed the PC-Slave card which consisted of an X86 (8086...