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    How to copy a 360K 3.5" DD disk

    I'm trying to copy/archive some 3.5" DD disks that appear to be formatted as 360K; no problem reading them, but I can't figure out how to format a target disk on a 3.5" HD drive. Help?
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    FS: (Fwd) Commodore stuff in Rochester NY area

    Never mind; everything just found a new home. Forwarding a post from the local CBM forum; if interested PM me and I'll put you in touch with the seller. --- I want to see if there could be interest within your group for me to offer for sale the huge quantity of Commodore equipment, books...
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    Nice 5155 Portable etc., PU near Charlotte, NC

    Not mine, just passing it on:
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    DEC stuff in Waterloo ON

    Not mine, passing it on in case one of you DECheads is interested but not on the CCtalk list; lots of non-DEC stuff as well... Contact: Kevin Schoedel <schoedel@kw.igs.net> VA3TCS --- ... I am still currently looking for local pick-up in Waterloo, Ontario; expressions of interest in shipping...
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    1400LT - How switch video to external monitor?

    Someone asked me how to switch the video to the external monitor port on a R-S 1400LT (laptop screen isn't working) and since I don't know it at all and couldn't find the info in a quick Google search I thought I'd ask the R-S experts here. TIA, mike
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    Looking for an AT (5170) motherboard

    A friend of mine in North Carolina is looking for a replacement AT motherboard and he'd definitely prefer a genuine IBM AT mobo; if you've got one or perhaps even a system, please PM me with details and what you'd like for it. Thanks, mike
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    Bits & Bytes and other 80's Computer TV shows on the Web

    Back in the 80's I worked on several TV shows about computers and I see that some episodes and excerpts of episodes are becoming available on the Web, specifically Bits and Bytes and The Academy (with Jim Butterfield also involved in both of them). Of course I'm biased, but I think that aside...
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    AppleIIfan's M100 & DVI: only $600

    In case anyone was disappointed when AppleIIfan said he was going to keep the M100 in his R-S lot because that was the only computer he really wanted, he's giving you a second chance: eBay # 160730557853
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    Olivetti M24/AT&T 6300 Motherboard - want it?

    Scrapping a largeish (13"x13") Olivetti PC1050 motherboard unless someone wants it enough to pay shipping from Toronto. AFAIK it's for an M24 AKA 6300; condition unknown, 512K soldered-in memory, all socketed chips are missing except for the BIOS EPROMs, PALs and PROM at E,F,J,H6 and H8...
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    vintage printer ribbons, iBM brother, panasonic...

    Anybody want some NEC Spinwriter Criterion ribbons? Free, just pay postage. 5500/7700 Multistrike Film (50-010), still in sealed mylar bags.
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    How to delete pictures

    Probably obvious, but how do you delete uploaded pictures that you don't need any more?
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    Old Cell phones - any use?

    I've got a box full of old cell phones (Motorola Micro-tac flip-phones etc.), chargers, car adapters, batteries, clip-on PDAs, etc.; are these of any use to anybody anywhere?
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    Anybody want an RS6000 or eServer?

    In Toronto, looking for a home: IBM RS6000 Power Server 520, Type 7013, Model 26-10855 IBM eServer Type 8480-4AX
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    Anybody need/want some 3.5" DD disks?

    Box of 50 3.5" DD disks (720/800KB) bulk, blue, no labels. $25.00 & shipping from Toronto
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    Free MCA cards in London

    From another list; a couple of days old, no idea if anything's left. Thought some folks here might be interested. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 17:29:37 +0000 From: Liam Proven <lproven@gmail.com> Subject: OFFERED: Free Microchannel...
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    ATI Graphics Solution

    Continuing from the 'Info about Hercules video cards' thread: Switch settings for the ATI Graphics Solution V1 and V2: SW1: ON: CGA Mode OFF:Mono/Graphics Mode (set PC/XT DIP switches accordingly) SW2&3: ON/ON: RGB (CGA) monitor ON/OFF: Composite or PC portable monitor OFF/OFF:TTL Mono...
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    Latest CBM gizmos - WoC 2008

    Some of the goodies folks were showing at WoC 2008: http://lyonlabs.org/commodore/woc-2008/demos/woc-2008-demos.html
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    Need self-extracting image creator

    Can someone point me at a *free* self-extracting (in Win98/XP) diskette image creation program, please? I need to send someone a self-extracting 3.5HD image. TIA, mike
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    Looking for bare-bones DOS Mp3 player

    Can anyone point me to a really bare-bones DOS Mp3 player (no skins, no jukebox, just a command-line single file player ("Play xyz.mp3")? I've looked at a few that would probably do, but they all still look like overkill. TIA, mike
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    Any Cromemco owners/users out there?

    The title says it all. m