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  1. LCARS

    Vintage Compaq Collection Vinpaq

    Hi all, I'm currently busy with collecting Compaq laptops and portables. The collection is limited to the year 2002, after that HP acquired Compaq. I started this collection because of a Friends episode where Chandler boosts about the specs of a Contura. I decided that I wanted that laptop as...
  2. LCARS

    Looking for software 'Windows For Pen Computing 2.0' for my w95 Compaq Concerto

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a copy of "Windows For Pen Computing 2.0'. I already have the 1.0. thanks!
  3. LCARS

    Looking for a Compaq Concerto (front cover)

    I would love to buy a Concerto for parts. Of course it may be in a working condition but I need a new front cover, for the one on mine broke during shipment. (Darn UPS!)
  4. LCARS

    Big Boxed PC Games

    Hi all, I thought I should share this with you. These were the games I had or wanted to have when I was growing up. (thus defining an otherwise never ending collection) And I think this my most treasured game, Mechwarrior 1
  5. LCARS

    My Compaq 4/25 has an extra battery. What is it for?

    One of my Compaq's has this, the other not (just an empty space)
  6. LCARS

    Compaq Contura 4/25CX Bios update and question about changing the HDD

    Hi all, I would like to know where I can obtain the latest Bios version for my 4/25CX laptop, or at least check which version the latest version is. I would also like to install a bigger HDD (for which I probably need the latest bios for), currently a 209mb hdd is installed. I have bought a...
  7. LCARS

    Wanted: Compaq Contura 4/25cx - Preferrably in mint condition, parts also welcome

    Hi all, I was advised by Clint (from LGR) to try this forum to get my contura complete. I have one that's only partly works. The screen has some artifacts, the keyboard is dead and the plastic around the hinges (lid section) is broken and the trackball doesn't perform correctly. But besides...