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    Pre-Post analysis.

    Back in the 80s and 90s there were these marvelous testers which would test the functioning before the BIOS Post kicked in. Every computer repairman would love to acquire one, but they were quite expensive. I could never afford one, but acquired a cheap chinese one some time back which...
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    Divesting myself of a major collection of vintage computers

    I'm intent on getting rid of my considerable collection of computers. Many were functioning when last I used them but age has taken a toll on both myself and my collection. I also am beginning to have some memory and energy problems, so once was a simple fix for a computer becomes a major...
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    VLB Motherboards and VLB cards

    I have a shitload of VLB motherboards and device cards, all VLB 3 slot and 3 or 4 ISA I'd like to sell. Both 386 and 486, Intel and AMD, .various memory slot types. Many VLB video and multi-device cards. Also some other virgin 386 and possibly an XT motherboard. Also a lot of memory chips. My...
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    On the internet with a 1964 accoustic modem

    This video link was posted to the Yahoo Grid group page. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rugrid-laptop/ Man connects to the Internet using a 1964 modem http://www.wimp.com/connectsinternet/ L
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    Google Phone. A new Era ?

    I just made a bunch of telephone calls via Google phone. I'm blown away. I knew about Skype but it seemed to demand a computer on the other end as well as a fee for using it. After downloading the google voice/video plug-in an icon appeared under the Chat area on the left side and clicking on...
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    Disappeared floppy and CD drives on a Power Mac

    I have shamefully neglected my Power Mac 7100/66 AV for some time altho it's my favorite Mac. It would always start up, inform me vocally in a sexy voice that I was a "sexy thing" , and give indications it had no problem until a few days ago. It had no fdd icon on the desktop nor CDRom. The fddy...
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    Problems with attachments

    There are 2 postings I made in Hanhelds/Portables recently since the new upgrade. My problem with attachments was on a ZEOS thread were I was repeatably unable to attach a BMP image and another poster had one on a 95LX thread where he was unable to attach a rar file. The BMP image file was...
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    Old Technology Made Usable

    I have an old Sanyo Miniscribe dictaphone-type machine which was meant to allow Exectutives to vocally dictate letters to their secretaries for typing transmission to the desired recipient. It used mini-cassettes but not the Sony type used in answering machines. Unfortunately I only have 2 of...
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    Help with "newer" computer not recognising IDE drives

    This of course doesn't belong on a vintage forum, but since this section elicits off-topic posts, I thought I'd attempt to mine the considerable computer minds here. My most modern computer quit on me. It has a Gigabyte GA-700N motherboard with an Intel 1.8 CPU. It's a dual-core CPU. At first...
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    Compuvoxx real estate fm broadcasting machine

    I have had one of these machines for many years and occasionally had responses to make it functional since I don't have the external power supply. A reply many years ago on classiccmp said it was a machine used by Real Estate sellers which one could tune into FM frequencies at a short distance...
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    Grid Compass 5 1/4 External FDD

    I have a Grid Compass 5 1/4 external fdd and it's 50-pin cable. Model 2102. No power supply but that shouldn't be a great problem. It's a massive drive and I thought at first it was a SCSI. Apparently Grid sold this and a combo HD/fdd to suppliment the Compass and must be much rarer even than...
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    "Reply" and "Reply with Quote"

    Well the new forum version seems to unfailingly log me in now, and works well, but the "reply" button replies with a "quote" unless you click on the reply button at the top of the post. No especial problem but elimiinating the "reply" next to "reply with quote" could have eliminated some lines...
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    The Growing "cost of shipping" problem

    I recently got a quote for the shipping of a less than 15 lbs. parcel by postal service to the US of over $30. A similar parcel and distance would also cost about the same in Canada. It seems clear the domestic postal services in both Canada and the US are homogenating their prices to commercial...
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    Getting a thread URL ?

    Theres a thread in Handhelds/ Laptops which would be of particular interest to the the Yahoo Grid group. It's on dotting of the LCD display on Grid 1520s but would likely apply to all the LCD Grid 15xx's. How do I get the URL of the thread so I can post a referral on the group site ? The FAQ...
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    How would one copy cartridge media to disk ?

    I have a lot of old cartridges from various platforms. I also have all the appliances they ran on. Is there any way of copying these cartridges to disk media ? Altho the cartridges are digital based, and don't suffer the frailities of tape or FDDs, none of them lasts forever. Lawrence
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    Bio-feedback program ?

    In the mid-90s I went to a large computer show at the CNE in Toronto. There were a lot of amazing developments exhibited. One of the exhibits was a program in which you placed your hand in a receptor and guided a skier down a slope. Seemingly avoiding the hazards of the slope by your mind...
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    Interview with Leonard Kleinrock

    CBC had an interesting interview today with Leonard Kleinrock on the beginnings of the internet and also a blurb on the 40th anniversary proceedings which will take place Oct 29th and be broadcast on U-stream and UCLA's Facebook site. http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/qpodcast_20091029_22213.mp3...
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    Is there some way members of the forum could be encouraged to enter at least a somewhat descriptive entry for their location, other than BLANK, "Here", "in my computer room" etc., no matter how clever it may sound. How many times are there redundant requests for the posters location who then...
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    Dungeons and Dragons

    I've been a fan of Sci-Fi since the 50s, occasionally also delving into fantasy novels. After spending the last 6 months reading depressing books on economics, I did what I usually do and turned to "escape fiction". I dug out 2 old fantasy trilogies I'd enjoyed over 15 years ago, Dragonlance...
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    SCO Manuals

    I have what I believe is a complete set of UNIX SCO manuals. Some are still shrink-wrapped. The last time I explored it, SCO was selling the OS for around $25. I'd imagine the price is still the same. I don't know what version. Was there more than 1 ? Lawrence