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    XT-IDE Rev 4 board problems

    I am either really dumb or just have some bad luck. I aquired and XT-IDE Rev 4 board with most of the components to build it. And any components that were missing I used from my parts bin. Ok 1st problem using XT-IDE version 2.0.0B3 I set up the mostly default configurations and try to flash...
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    The South Xt-IDE built or just circuiyt board if anyone has one

    Would like to obtain an XT-IDE either assembled or just the blank board. Not talking about Lo Tech stuff. I see a seller on eBay but he is in Bulgaria. Let me know what you have.
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    TRS-80 / Tandy external hard drive question.

    I have an external TRS80 Hard drive that I am having issues with. Not sure if controller inside the hard drive enclosure is acting up or the Hard Drive itself. When issuing the command to load driver I answer the questions about number of heads, tracks etc. and my model 4 just hangs with a...
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    The South Needed cover shield for the expansion slots for the original Compaq Portable

    As requested I need the cover shield piece that cover the expansion slots on the original Compaq Portable.
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    Need help baffled by FreHD setup under LDOS 5.3.1

    I am trying to setup the FreHD on my Model 4 in Model III mode. I issue the command SYSTEM (DRIVE=2, DRIVER="RSHARD5") and get an error that basically says to issue the command exactly as I did. Confused. The FreHD is turned on etc. I have done this before many years ago. But now I can't seem to...
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    For the IBM PS/2 50 and 70 owners with bad floppy drives a possible solution

    Not sure if anyone has seen this but may be a way to get your model 50 or 70 with a working floppy drive. This little device: https://texelec.com/product/ibm-ps2-to-standard-floppy-adapter/ May not look pretty from the outside but at least you will have a working drive! take a look around the...
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    Low level format program for Model 4/III

    Does anyone know of a low level formatting program for the TRS80's Model 4/III? Trying to see if I can revive an external RS 15MB HDD
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    Model 4P booting to seek error screen

    As title says I am working on a Model 4p and the system boots up to the error message Seek Error. Tried different floppy disks no go. Have tried cleaning heads and lubricating rails for the head carriage. No help. Also the disk is spinning but I am not hearing the disk drive seek to track zero...
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    TRSDOS 6.x Config/sys bypass (SYSGEN)

    How do I bypass the LS-DOS/TRS-DOS 6.x config/sys file? the disks I have are trying to talk to a Hard drive by way of SYSGEN which I do not have connected. At the moment. Any help appreciated.
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    TRS-80 Model's 4P and desktop model 4

    Picking these items up tomorrow and just wanted to verify something. Do both Model 4's have a video issue or is the brightness contrast turned up to high? Also getting a genuine TRS-80 Hard drive as well. Please let me know what you think. Also the M4 needs a good cleaning around the palm rest.
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    The South WTB: (FL) Trs-80 Model III 48k dual disk version. Local pickup preferable

    As title says looking for a TRS-80 Model III dual drive 48k version. Prefer local pickup to prevent CRT damage.
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    TRS-80 Model 3 48k dual disk based system local pickup if possible!

    As title says I would like to get a TRS-80 Model 3. Let me know what you have. Would like to get one locally so the CRT does not break off.
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    Packard Bell L197 Multimedia

    Selling a Packard bell L197 multimedia pizza box size Pentium system. Clock speed is 200 MHz has 32 MB EDO RAM and has a good floppy drive and CD-ROM drive in it. Hard Drive is a Seagate 2.1 GB and has a minimalist install of DOS 5.0. Asking $100 plus shipping. I take Paypal only
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    Toshiba 2515CDS Laptop

    I have a Toshiba 2515cds Pentium 1 laptop in working condition. CPU clock is 200MHz and has 32 MB Memory and the screen works fine. Although it does have a slow refresh rate.Currently running Windows 98 SE asking $40.00 PLUS shipping or OBO, Pictures will be uploaded later.
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    Needed Apple ADB Keyboard and Mouse

    As specified I Need an Apple ADB Keyboard and Mouse. Let me know what you have.
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    Sound Blaster 1.5 8 bit sound card

    As title says I have a Sound Blaster 1.5 8 Bit sound card available. This card has been tested in a 486-33 only. I do believe it may work in an IBM XT or PC although I have no way of testing in those systems. Be advised that the FM sound from this board is Monotone and is speed limited. It will...
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    Apple Mac Pro 2008

    Got a Apple Mac pro 2008 with the following specs: dual quad core 2.8 GHz Xeon processors making it basically an Octal core. 16GB Ram, 240GB SSD boot drive, 1 TB storage drive and an Nvidia GTX680 video card in decent shape. But it weighs a ton so shipping will be high. Looking to get around...
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    Desktop ATX case not a tower

    As title says I am need of a Desktop ATX case. Let me know what you have if any.
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    Interest check Windows NT 3.1 July 93 Beta CD

    As title says I have an Original of the NT 3.1 BETA on CD. This is the July 93 BETA Version 404. Let me know.
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    Interest check. Texas Instruments. PC--100c Print Cradle and TI 58c calculator

    I was wondering if anybody has any interest in the the above listed items. Both were last time I checked maybe 2 years ago. If you are PM me and let me know.