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  1. Al Kossow

    Virtual file system library for retro filesystems?

    Not really. Have you ever looked at the code?
  2. Al Kossow

    Alpha Micro AM-100/L and related boards

    not shure how I missed this, yes I'm still looking though it has been pushed way down the project stack
  3. Al Kossow

    Where are all the SCSI2SD devices? Is this because of the chip shortage?

    It is a truly awful design. I left their discord after they clearly care about 'cheap' and not 'works'
  4. Al Kossow

    They may have found (most of) the Apple 1 Prototype Board

    my pet theory.. it was done by someone that is left-handed. the cut was done with a hacksaw from the back, they sawed through a bit of the ceramic cap if that is true, the way the cut was made would have made sense for someone holding the saw in their left hand
  5. Al Kossow

    AT&T UNIX PC enthusiasts out there?

    one can only hope they kept a copy of the sources
  6. Al Kossow

    They may have found (most of) the Apple 1 Prototype Board

    an analysis of how the board was broken on twitter
  7. Al Kossow

    They may have found (most of) the Apple 1 Prototype Board

    MIT CADRs are probably up there as well. I don't know of any having sold recently though. Just a CADR keyboard is probably in the top 10. A Twiggy Mac would may bump the Lisa out of third place. Twiggy Mac drives are impossible to find (they aren't the same as a Lisa Twiggy)
  8. Al Kossow

    They may have found (most of) the Apple 1 Prototype Board

    A Xerox Alto, if you are talking about a personal computer. Twiggy Lisas are third, with prices in the low five-figures. I can't think of anything outside of the insane home video game collector space where things are six figures or up.
  9. Al Kossow

    They may have found (most of) the Apple 1 Prototype Board

    "advances were being measured in months or even weeks" fast forward 50 years, and thanks to the web that has been cut down to literally minutes worldwide. I was there then, and maybe if you were in the Valley or Boston, word of mouth spread in days, but turn around time was literally waiting for...
  10. Al Kossow

    Dumping magnetic tapes?

    "3D printer with the bed set to 40c" will not do a damn bit of good without air circulation other than warping the reel
  11. Al Kossow

    Dumping magnetic tapes?

    > A tape glued itself to the head I hope there is nothing on the tapes that matters I've been doing this for decades, and it really annoys me when amateurs make the same mistakes. Google "cyclomethicone"
  12. Al Kossow

    Dumping magnetic tapes?

    https://github.com/brouhaha/tapeutils/ just beware that SCSI tape drives do not recover the data inside of a bad block use the smallest blocking factor you can to avoid good physical blocks getting lost if one block is bad
  13. Al Kossow

    Oldest still-in-use bus?

    Prolog STD 56-pin? Don't know if cards are still made, though.
  14. Al Kossow

    PDP11 H785 Regulator Drawings ??? (Part of H765)

  15. Al Kossow

    Anybody for NCR?

    Has anyone been in contact with roberttx ? His last posting here was a while ago and I tried DM'ing him and didn't get a reply.
  16. Al Kossow

    PDP-8 Timesharing - is anyone still doing this on real hardware?

    wasn't ETOS the only choice?
  17. Al Kossow

    IBM RT PC experts?

    correct.. they are pretty minimal
  18. Al Kossow

    IBM RT PC experts?

    What model 1g drive worked? Can you tell what kind of ISA controller it thinks the IDE drive is? There have been lots of CF cards made so who knows how closely the ones you tried match what the RT expects a supported controller to respond to. Depending on how far you want to dig into it, you...
  19. Al Kossow

    Tektronix 4170 CAD systems for sale/trade

    I'm pretty sure the 4170 disks on bitsavers.org/bits are from Glen