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    Intro to the ROMulator for Apple II (and other 6502 machines)

    @bitfixer I’m looking forward to using the romulator in my apple ii plus. But i’ve noticed that the board doesn’t quite clear the height of the expansion slots. What’s the best method to bump the height, Is it best to stack a few 40 Pin sockets between the cpu socket and the romulator? or maybe...
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    Working 5150 Died, can I test Motherboard caps in situ with ESR?

    Hi All, Over the last year I have been working on building a nice clean 5150. And had just got to the point where I had the machine working reliably when it stopped working ... The machine was my second 5150 which I was also using to debug a fault on another 5150 (which has a constant noise on...
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    IBM 5150 continuous beep on powerup

    Hi, I have a battered old IBM 5150 PC (64-256k revision) that I am trying to resurrect. I cleaned up the mainboard and power supply, but when I came to test powering on the board, the C7 Capacitor at the top right of the mainboard (near J7 / COMP text) popped and smoked after about 10...