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  1. Thatguyagain

    Tandy 1000 floppy drive problems

    Update- i checked the 12v and its steady with no diving. I borrowed another drive and it spun up and read. I did some exploratory surgery and it sure seems that theres a problem with the control circuit boards. One will try to run but is weak and the other does everything short of spinning...
  2. Thatguyagain

    Midwest Wtb- two teac 5 1/4 drives and a dos 2.11 disk

    Wtb- im looking for two known good teac fd-54b-02-u 5 1/4 drives. Their going in a tandy 1000 and the originals are dead. Also looking for a system disk for a tandy 1000 (dos 2.11 with deskmate)
  3. Thatguyagain

    Tandy 1000 floppy drive problems

    Hi, i got a project tandy 1000 at a yard sale with some awsome goodys that im working on reserecting. Problem #1 is niether of the teac fd-54b-02-u drives are spinning up. The jumpers look good, the heads move and there is activity on the red light but the motors do not spin. Ive noticed that...
  4. Thatguyagain

    Midwest Wanted- interesting project in the Minneapolis MN area.

    Wanted- interesting project in the Minneapolis/st. Paul area. Im looking to take on a new project computer and im fishing here. Friday the 22nd of april im driving to southern MN though the citys and figured id see whats around. Open to alot other then Apple ][ (just rebuilt one). Prefer...
  5. Thatguyagain

    Midwest Wanted- tandy 1000 sl parts

    Wanted- looking to buy some tandy 1000sl parts. Would love a whole many board but would buy an entire machine
  6. Thatguyagain

    Mac se superdrive and the dark queen of krynn

    I have a macintosh se superdrive with system 7.1. Someone gave me a copy of the dark queen of krynn but when i pop it in i get " application program used to create it could not be found". I have no literature for it. Does anyone know what application its looking for is? My computer came...
  7. Thatguyagain

    Apple II Wifi modem card – gauging interest

    Im interest where this side project left off
  8. Thatguyagain

    Wanted- macintosh dnd games

    I know the dnd ones did, ive seen them on ebay. The might and magic ones im less sure. Im looking for original 3.5 floppys. I have a macintosh se superdrive with no purpose.
  9. Thatguyagain

    Wanted- macintosh dnd games

    Wanted- looking for macintosh copies of the forgotten realms game or might and magic. Will consider other similar games. Volume 1- pool of radiance Volume 2- curse of the azure bonds Or might and magic 1 or 2
  10. Thatguyagain

    Apple ][+ boot disk creation and problems

    Update, . i had multiple problems going on. I had a bad ram chip that was doing some weird things. Now thats repaired ive been able to get the programs to run correctly.
  11. Thatguyagain

    Apple ][+ boot disk creation and problems

    Im new at this so be gentle lol. I have a apple ][+ with a single drive and a langage card, works great. I only have one disk to boot from and wanted to make a copies. Is it possable to do that without a second drive and or a copying program? So far i blanked and formated 2 disks...