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    11/73 question.

    Dave, I have a similar system, using some parts you kindly helped me with, My current set up is.. slot 1 M8367 pmi memory card ( quad) slot 2 M8367 pmi memory card ( quad) slot 3 M8190 cpu (quad) slot 4 M7555 rqdx3 ( AB) ....M9047 ( CD) all other slots unused console is via...
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    Need advice on DEC RAINBOW adapter

    Its been a while since I made an adapter, but at the time I used the info from retro hacker, and things worked,... below was his instructions I followed...
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    front panel for Dec BA23 case

    I am trying to locate a front panel/surrond to fit the Dec BA23 case/cabinet , if anyone can help, or know of one, that would be a great help , the two side fixing brackets, that have the velcro pads attached would also be welcome, but these are something I can make. Harry
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    p70 no post?

    While adhering to the stay at home rules, I decided to dig out some older projects, among these, the IBM P70 portable seemed like a good idea. I knew the floppy drive needed attention, but as I recall was otherwise working , I switched the P70 on and was greeted on screen with usual error...
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    French connection??

    I need some help from perhaps a fellow member in France, I have located at last ! some HP tape cartridges, but the seller is in France and won't ship to the UK, I am hoping someone in France may be able to help with this situation ? if any one can help please PM me. I can foward details. Harry
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    user manual for Facit 4410 terminal

    I am looking for any info, or user manual, PDF , anything on using and setting up the Facit 4410 terminal, I have done much searching in vain, I think these were manufactured around 1980, any links, details, or info would be great help. Harry
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    Mackintosh portable SWIM IC?

    Need some help ? I am trying to locate a replacement IC for a mac portable, Hoping someone may have found a source for a SWIM chip? Part no. apple..344S1029 this is for the non backlit mac portable, Maybe used in other mackintosh systems ? thanks Harry
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    VT100 Keyboard keys?

    I have been looking for some time for a complete keyboard for my VT100, recently managed to ge one, but it is missing a few keys, Are the keys specific to the VT 100 keyboards, or were they used on other keyboards, or such like? Anyone found alternatives that fit/work? thanks, Harry
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    Dec VT100 keyboard

    I am looking for a keyboard for the Dec VT100 terminal, preferably in the UK, but maybe anywhere? ( prefer no keys missing) thanks Harry
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    Dec LSI-11 bus grant cards

    I am needing some LSI-11 bus grant cards, either two G7272 or two M8659, seems hard to find these for sale anywhere?? anyone have some spare for sale? thanks..... Harry
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    11/44 psu diodes

    I had to remove the psu on my 11/44 as there was no 'dc ok' light showing when switched on, I have stripped the psu and found one of the large diodes have failed. This is a Unitrode item marked as "USD 5111F " I am trying to locate some replacements , (I was going to replace all four while...
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    11/45 with winter projects

    Some recent pics of latest projects, Finally after these things have been kindly stored by a friend, since earlier this year, I managed to make some room and brings things back to my workshops. This set up was formally part of a simulator, but other than that, what you see is as much as I know...
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    pdp 11/45 knobs?

    I am needing to source, find, or make some control knobs, as the two, fiitted to the console rotary switches on a 11/45, I have looked, and searched at many control knobs, and nothing seems to come close? . Failing something being available, Would someone be prepared to make an accurate...
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    replacement Lamp?

    While working on the 16B , the "power on" red panel lamp bulb on the front has decided to call it a day, Can anyone point me to a supplier of these small bulbs,these are the same lamp bulbs as used in the 5, 12, 15, meg , trs 80 external HD units, used in the red, and green, square indicator...
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    model 16B hard drive?

    I have been spending some time recently, to see if I can get my 16B working, as it has been stored away for too long not working!, I stripped, cleaned everything as you do, changed the floppy drive to one that now works, I swapped the 68000 memory board with a spare, and I can now boot the...
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    Dec RL01 disk drive or parts

    I am hoping someone in the UK ( or anywhere actually) may have, or know of, a complete, or incomplete, Dec RL01 disk drive, or parts, I have various RL01 disk packs, and a non working drive, but now need parts to make a working drive? thanks Harry.
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    8/E restore/rebuild

    Some pictures of a recent find, and with some careful work and a "little" luck ! and hopefully help from some of you guys, I could end up with a working 8/E, just a pile of bits and tin at present,but most everything seems there. Included but not shown are a set of boards, and core memory...
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    HP 2382A keyboard wanted

    If anyone has, or knows of a working keyboard for a HP 2382A terminal please let me know, anywhere? even just the pcb with keys? or even schematics for the keyboard pcb, thanks
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    Vector Graphic 5.25" floppy disk controller card

    Can anyone help ? I am needing to source a floppy disk controller card for a Vector Graphic 3 machine, I have managed to find a twin 5.25" drive, model no. DD 5026. , but had no luck yet finding a suitable controller card. thanks Harry
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    British Micro mimi 803 boot disk??

    I have just recently come across this mimi 803 computer,made by British Micro,( 1982,) and with a little restoration, and work on the psu, I now have it asking for a boot disk in drive A, which is great , if only I had a disk, There is not much info on this machine, other than it ran OS/M as...