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    ibm 5150 and other ibms

    was surfing and found this http://www.ibmupgrades.com/ so i type in 5150 {have way newer ibm p1 233mmx myself} just to see and 4 parts seemed avaialable: a 63w psu, a motherboard, 83key keyboard and an interface cable. tried model 25 and same thing , 3 or 4 parts available. very expensive...
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    anyone know this card??

    i have this ide-floppy controller card that i believe was pulled from a 386 computer. i installed it in my ibm 233 and it overrode onboard floppy but made win98 freeze { resource conflict, i think} so i think it works {not 100% sure} here's a look i don't really need it {open to trade??}...
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    hardware or software?

    sticker on bottom front screenshot of msd surfing with opera! and this is what website looks like on old stuff!
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    how interchangable are 486 cpus?

    i know all my intel {2 sx, 1dx ,1dx2} work on my mb but will amd486 dx4 100 ? 99% of my experience only goes from pentium 133 forward. any insight is appreciated. http://www.thinkcp.com/helpguide/specific.asp?Model=334 is all i ever found on make {canon}...
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    hardware or software?

    hi folks. just found this site and i happen to have a 1993 canon innova 486e model 25/120 desktop that a friend gave me years ago. it has a modified acer v6 motherboard {mine only has 3 simm slots vs 4 that all info i found says} so i pulled it out and it still booted but bad chksum. onboard...