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  1. J

    Configuration of the IMSAI 8080 in the movie WarGames?

    Does anyone want to speculate on the configuration of the famous IMSAI 8080 in the movie WarGames? Is it even a realistic depiction of the computer? I'm most curious as to what the terminal interface was and if that's feasible. I was mostly under the impression that S-100 systems used a separate...
  2. J

    Floppy disk drive calibration?

    I have three Siemens FDD 100-8D drives that appear to read data only intermittently, and I suspect they need calibration. I have the technical manual for them, but unlike other drives it doesn't mention how to perform maintenance on them. From a manual for a Siemens 5 1/4" drive I read some of...
  3. J

    WTB: more reliable S-100 8" floppy drive(s)

    I have two Siemens FDD 100-8 floppy drives on my S-100 system, along with a spare, and I'm using a Jade Double D disk controller board. I've done what repairs I can (designed and 3D printed some components for the drive latch mechanism, replaced the felt head load pad, checked the PLL with my...
  4. J

    WTB: N8VEM CP/M system or similar

    I'm looking to see if anyone has an N8VEM Z80 or similar (I heard one even runs x86 and DOS) they'd like to sell. I have a Mark IV SBC (but no ECB backplane) that has a hardware failure of some kind, and I don't want to dedicate time to diagnosing hardware errors. I'd rather do software and play...
  5. J

    WTB: DRAM SIMMs, up to 32 MB for 386

    I have a 386-33 in of a motherboard with no SIMMs currently. It can support up to 32 MB in 8 slots. Does anyone have some extra memory you're willing to part with? 16-32 MB would be an idea configuration for a 386, I'd think, but the more the better.
  6. J

    WTB: MFM controller for 5150

    I have a 5150 that came with an IBM MFM hard drive but no controller. Does anyone have a compatible one?
  7. J

    WTB: IBM XT 5150 Keyboard, AT adapter, or compatible keyboard

    I'm looking for an XT keyboard for my 5150, such as the 83-key keyboard that came with it. If you have a compatible (but less original) XT keyboard or an adapter for an AT keyboard, I'd like to consider it too Shipping would be to Utah Thanks
  8. J

    PC XT keyboard compatibility, and XT-CF card?

    I recently received an IBM PC XT, a 5150. I have an IBM Model M keyboard, P/N 1394054, the space-saving one. Weirdly it worked fine with an AT adapter--I was able to type in BASIC. Hopefully coincidentally it doesn't work now, after I tried to use a PC XT-CF ISA card and inserted it the wrong...
  9. J

    WTB 8-bit ISA FDD controller card for IBM PC-XT, and other goodies

    I very fortunately came into possession of an IBM PC-XT (correction, a 5150) with a Hercules graphics card, a Microsoft Mach 10 8086 board, an HDD controller card, and a 20 MB MFM HDD (or maybe 10 MB). The machine is missing the original 360 KB FDD, though, and I'll need a way to transfer...
  10. J

    URGENT: Seattle: Home needed for a number of old computers!

    A coworker in an office in Seattle, in the Fremont area, needs to immediately find someone to adopt a ton of old computers. They're mostly Apple computers, materials, and later PCs, but there's at least one early IBM PC. If they're not taken they'll be thrown out. Pics here...
  11. J

    URGENT: Seattle: Home needed for a number of old computers!

    A coworker in an office in Seattle, in the Fremont area, needs to immediately find someone to adopt a ton of old computers, including a number of Apple computers and--of note for this genre--some 486+ PCs. There's also at least one IBM PC in there. If they're not taken they'll be thrown out...
  12. J

    URGENT: Seattle: Home needed for a number of old computers!

    A coworker in an office in Seattle, in the Fremont area, needs to immediately find someone to adopt a ton of old computers, including a number of Apple computers. If they're not taken they'll be thrown out. It looks like 30-40 computers and some manuals and accessories...
  13. J

    Storing BASIC programs in IIGS' higher memory?

    This is a beginner question, but is it possible to run BASIC programs outside of the first 0xFFFF bytes of memory available to the default Apple II? I have a IIGS which has at least 256 KB (and actually has a memory expansion board I haven't investigated yet), but my 30 KB game is taking up too...
  14. J

    What do you use your old PC for?

    Gaming? Computing? Just setting up the hardware and having it sit there to be cool? What generation computer is your cutoff for being more than a neat piece of history to tinker with? I'm curious and often ask myself what I want out of old computers I set up. Mostly it's to enjoy the process of...
  15. J

    WTB: Apple IIGS system (possible Amiga 500 trade?)

    Edit: I've found a local machine and picked it up -------------- I've always liked the look and feel of the Apple IIGS, but the last time I used it was way back in the day in elementary school. Still one day I always thought I'd revisit that system and see what it was capable of, and I think...
  16. J

    Inverting the master clock?

    I need to provide an inverted clock signal to my Versafloppy II board, so I wired together a simple circuit on a prototype board: pin 24 of the S-100 bus (master clock) goes into both inputs of an 74LS38N NAND inverter (pins 1 and 2), and the output (pin 3) goes to bus pin 27. The inverter is...
  17. J

    Small 3D-printed C64 PSU

    I made this a while ago but only now tested it. I got tired of the large size of my C64 PSU and looked around for off-the-shelf solutions. I didn't find anything you could buy, but I learned that you could provide +5VDC and +9VDC and run the machine and many peripherals, sacrificing only the...
  18. J

    WTB: S-100 prototype board

    I'm looking for an S-100 prototype board (or a few). Preferably one that already has the LM7805 and heatsink, but I could source that myself if need be. I only need to invert a clock signal on this board, so it doesn't have to have address selection logic or buffered lines, but if that's more...
  19. J

    What sort of board is this?

    A while ago I bought a grab bag of computer components because I saw, in the corner of one of the photos, an S-100 connector. Well the box contained a bunch of these cards: Anyone know what they are? The sticker on the bottom one says LUBBOCK TV 3-14-00 (only 17 years old!) Are these boards...
  20. J

    Osborne 1 (OCC 1) basic troubleshooting? Can't boot

    I have an Osborne OCC 1 I'm trying to repair, and I observe the following behavior: 1. Machine beeps on power-on and I see some introductory text on screen, including "ROM Rev 1.5/DD" and "Insert Disk into Drive A and press RETURN ...." 2. Nothing happens when I press return with disks in...