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    California DEC HSC70 Hierarchical Storage Controller for sale

    Someone else has a much higher priced lower end model HSC50 on ebay for $1500 https://www.ebay.com/itm/193904178038 I have two of these. #7 appears fully loaded and in a nice cabinet - $600 #6 has 3 boards missing and a couple dents in the cabinet. $350. Both for $800. As is, untested, never...
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    California Left over pdp 11 boards in partially torched rack, in two cabinets

    Dropping price to $200 for the last rack and all contents. Pick up in San Carlos, California. Added some additional info. Top Chassis 11/34 heavily damaged chassis Included boards, some damaged: M8134,M8139,M8140,M8138<M8123,M8136,M8141 M8130,M8132,M8137,M8135 The middle/lower chassis'...
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    Correction: THAT Analog Computers are fully assembled, not kits

    The original THAT was an open source project and had assembly instructions. The current ones being offered are fully assembled and tested. You just need to supply a 5V USB power source. The pricing on their web page says EUR299 including VAT. But when I ordered mine the price was reduced such...
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    New Analog Computer kits for around $300 from Germany

    https://the-analog-thing.org/ THE ANALOG THING (THAT) is a high-quality, low-cost, open-source, and not-for-profit cutting-edge analog computer. I've ordered one of these for myself. They are collecting orders for the second build so I won't see anything for a couple months. This is really...
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    California Used DEC H950 rack, includes backdoor, and 2 heavy duty shelves: $250

    Located in San Carlos, CA. Backdoor and heavy duty shelves are installed. Rolls around fine. No electronics. There is a filter in the top but foam will need to be replaced as it is getting sticky, but not yet disintegrated. No electronics. This and the previous H960 rack posted came from an...
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    California original DEC H960 rack, has sides, front, and back: $450

    I have an unused DEC H960 rack. Comes with original sides, front, back, etc. No electronics.
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    Need help with 5110 testing to 5114 floppy and/or 5103 printer

    I've done some restorative work on both drives in my 5114. The motor and spindle now run fairly smoothly and without as much noise. But I'm getting error 13 (no device) when I try to access it from the 5110. I do have a terminator plugged into the 5114. The voltages seem to be ok in the 5114...
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    Working IBM 5110 model 2 (no QIC drive) for sale

    32K RAM. Passes power on self test. Typed in a little basic program and it executed correctly. No mass storage devices. No printer. Video display is bright and sharp. Video out connector works. Asking $1500. San Francisco Bay Area.
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    Recommendations for archiving Amiga floppies to modern file system.

    Hi all, is there a solution for connection an Amiga compatible floppy drive to a PC running a either linux or windows? I have a stash of Amiga floppies that need to be read so they can be used on a modern computer. thanks dale
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    Fire sale PDP-11 stuff

    Now that I got your attention. I need to start getting back some of my warehouse space. I've been looking at these three pieces in sadness for several years. I'm not sure how best to move them out. Since I've been lovingly storing them for a decade or so, I'd like to get something that is fair...
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    Entrex 480 and other vintage stuff in New Jersey

    Looks like maybe three of these Entrex 480s and a bunch more old electronics stuff, Sweda 750, up for auction here. Located in Frenchtown, NJ. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/86804138_entrex-480-vintage-computer-electronics-lot There are a couple lots of old stuff that include Entrex.
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    Intel/Signetics 3000 Series Bit Slice home brew

    While in college in the late 70's I bought an evaluation kit from Signetics for the Series 3000 bitslice components. I wired a 16 bit design up, hoping to eventually create a pdp 11 like computer for myself since a real pdp 11 was pretty darn expensive at the time. Unfortunately the only thing I...
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    Black Box Amiga, repairing switching power supply

    Hi, I'm bringing up one of the original Black Box Amigas from 1984. I can get it to wake up and send the bootup messages to the serial port. However the switching power supply resets every few seconds. I currently have the switching power supply hooked up to some loading resisters so as to not...
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    Shipping options for boat anchors

    What shippers do people use when transporting some of these 100+ lbs. boat anchors? I bought an EAI TR-20 from a craigslist seller in Austin that I want to bring to SFBA. Quotes, including packing and are around $400 so far.