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    video board investigations

    After graphical commands the text display come in the bottom of the page so a vertical scroll is generated automatically... No display problem at all !
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    video board investigations

    Problem solved...
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    video board investigations

    Hello there, I am working on a hi res graphical board based on a Thomson EF9367. Its a Elektor design published in 10/1985. They can work into 512 pixels (H) x 256 (V) non interlaced or into 512 x 512 interlaced. In the first mode no problem at all, the lcd tv used via composite video input...
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    Mac 68K ABSOFT Fortran compiler 2.4

    Hello, I try to use this compiler and his IDE on my Mac Plus. As far as I can see it works but without any documentation it is not easy to do something (at least for me...). Anybody has something on this subject or can share a link for download ? Thanks, regards. Philippe...
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    Macintosh Plus boot problem

    Hi, Now the Mac Plus boot from bluescsi and is working well. The problem with the drive is clearly an alignment question. If I use it alone I can format, write and read floppy. If I try to cross floppies with the SE/30 then I go into problems... The SE/30 floppy drive look good because he can...
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    Macintosh Plus boot problem

    I give a try to the alignment procedure given here : https://tinkerdifferent.com/resources/zero-track-alignment.37/ The best spot I found give the same result, boot start, welcome message then bomb and 'illegal instruction" error... I think this drive is out !!!
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    Macintosh Plus boot problem

    Yes I have a cable with a yellow line. The faulty drive has a red label on side.
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    Macintosh Plus boot problem

    The problem come from the floppy drive. I cross them with the SE/30 then the Plus boot correctly ! I have clean and lubricate the drive. The heads look to be clean and touch the floppy surface so... What can I do more ?
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    Macintosh Plus boot problem

    Hi, The floppy is made with the 6.0.8 800 k "System tools.image" found here : https://www.macintoshrepository.org/1778-mac-system-os-6-x-6-0-6-0-1-6-0-2-6-0-3-6-0-4-6-0-5-6-0-6-6-0-7-6-0-8-6-0-8l- in the second .sit archive... I have use diskcopy for duplicate the image to the 800 k floppy...
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    Macintosh Plus boot problem

    Hello there ! Finally I got my scrap rescued Macintosh Plus alive ! The system start, make 'bong' and then display a floppy with a cross or a question mark if I put a blank floppy in the drive... From a SE/30 I succesfully make a 800 k 6.0.8 boot floppy. I say "successfully" because the SE/30...
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    Microbox II PCB

    Hello there, Further to a revival project concerning the Microbox II computer (see original advertisement joined) I have 4 set of pcbs in excess... A pcb set include the main pcb and the eprom disk pcb (for 27C256 or AT28C256). They are naked, you will have to find, buy and weld all the...
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    Cosham Tech SWTPC 6809 + PT FD-2 floppy interface + Flex

    Hello, I have Corsham Tech 6809 SWPTC clone with motherboard, 6809 cpu board, MP-S serial board and // board + SD Arduino floppy emulator. Everythings works well. Now I try to get a real floppy system attached to this computer so I will rebuild a Peripheral Tech FD-2 interface (doc and good...
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    Elektor EC-68 (also sometime EC-6809)

    Hello, Some news from this project : The two boards are manufactured and tested. The CPU board is working with a modified Assist09 monitor. The interface board video part is working with a modified character generator coming from the Junior Computer. The floppy interface part have not been...
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    Elektor EC-68 (also sometime EC-6809)

    Good evening all, In its No. 100 of October 1986 Elektor published schematics for a computer called EC-6809. It fits on two europe boards : - uc + ram - video (6845) + floppy interface (WDC 1770). I have the project to rebuild one so I am looking for: - a correct photo of the copper side of...
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    Softcard cp/m full screen editor

    Hello there, Anybody know a good but light full screen editor able to work on cp/m 2.23 running on a MS Softcard into an Apple IIe ? Its mainly for program editing : assembler, basic and fortran. Regards. Philippe
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    TVGA 9000B question

    Hello there ! I use a PC AT computer build with Soyo Scamp 80386sx25 motherboard and a Trident TVGA9000B video adapter... I have put a coloron instruction in autoexec.bat because I use a lcd screen and whithout sometime the computer start in bw mode... Msdos 6.22 and wfw 3.11 (with Trident...
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    DIN 5 F socket for AT keyboard connector

    Hello there ! I try to find a suitable DIN 5 female socket for AT keyboard connector on a motherboard. I unsolder it successfully (I think), I need now a spare. I find this on Ebay... But this is not strictly what is on the mobo... Between the two front pins there is 10 mm but on the old...
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    Apollo DN3500 and MAME emulator

    Hello there, I try to run Apollo emulation in MAME. I assume Mame is ok because Amstrad 6128 emulation with cpm run smoothly. I follow this thread which look cool and easy : https://forums.bannister.org/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=94705#Post94705 I found the required roms and the OS...
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    Paradise PVGA1A-JK isa 8 bits

    Hello there ! I try to fine tune my 80286-12 + 2 mb + 80287XL + hdd 40 mb + fd 5,25 p + fd 3.5 p + 3C509B... Everything ok under dos 6.22. Even networking with mtcp ! Now I am at Windows 3.1 stage ! The video board (a 8 bits isa Paradise PVGA1A-JK chip + 8 x 4464 memory chips) works well in...