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    Working 5150 Died, can I test Motherboard caps in situ with ESR?

    Hi All, Over the last year I have been working on building a nice clean 5150. And had just got to the point where I had the machine working reliably when it stopped working ... The machine was my second 5150 which I was also using to debug a fault on another 5150 (which has a constant noise on...
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    IBM 5150 continuous beep on powerup

    Hi, I have a battered old IBM 5150 PC (64-256k revision) that I am trying to resurrect. I cleaned up the mainboard and power supply, but when I came to test powering on the board, the C7 Capacitor at the top right of the mainboard (near J7 / COMP text) popped and smoked after about 10...