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    Large Screen Smart TV's

    I have a 23" Roku TV from 2016 in the bedroom. I like the single remote for streaming + tuner. The tuner UI itself is also nice: presets and channel guide are in easy reach. These days, while it still receives software updates... the hardware can't keep up. Even a simple action like...
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    Vintage Compaq Collection Vinpaq

    That Presario 1400! Incredible. Never saw it before. They must have gotten caught off guard by the iBook success and scrambled.
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    The move is complete, but the tweaking has only just begun

    This might work for threads that were made in VBulletin5 (Xenforo offers an id preservation option when you do the upgrade). But it will not work for any VBulletin4 links, because the conversion from vb4 to vb5 does not preserve id's. Example...
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    New Forums nits

    Oh, sorry, I misread you. Try this: https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?whats-new/posts/&skip=1
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    New Forums nits

    @SomeGuy good challenge! Try bookmarking this link: https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?whats-new/posts/&skip=1&unread=1
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    What are your current projects?

    Powerbook 1400c/166 sitting by my desk awaiting a hinge repair. I picked this up last summer in pristine condition, replaced the drive with a CF card, and it works great. After a few weeks of playing, I opened the lid to hear the plastic crumbling near the hinge - apparently a known issue...
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    New Forums nits

    I noticed that the post history in my profile is inaccurate. The search indices may need to be rebuilt.
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    The move is complete, but the tweaking has only just begun

    Click the brackets button next to the save icon. Xenforo retains your preference and you'll never have to click that button again.
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    Replies and postings in moderation?

    As someone who had trouble with the vbulletin PM's, my inbox history here looks great!
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    New Forums nits

    Looks good! If you need assistance with permissions give me a shout. It's a different mindset than VBulletin (but the design makes more sense). If you want the subforums to appear on the main screen, you can do Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Node/forum list -> Sub-forums...
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    Hi all! Nice forum here. I have a small menagerie of vintage machines. I mostly stick to the 90s / early 00's, and favor smaller machines owing to storage space. I've attached one example, a 430CDT that's been in the family since new. It's good enough to play some pinball (via Word 97 ;) )...