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    WTB Tandy Sensation

    I'm looking for a Tandy Sensation. 386 or 486 is ok, I'd prefer a real Tandy / pre-AST model, but beggars cannot be choosers, and I'll consider the later AST-made ones as well. I'm not trying to break the bank, but I realize these are pretty rare these days for some reason. They didn't seem...
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    Tandy 3000 Rescue - Need Help!!

    I have a repair job on a Tandy 3000 that had the battery explode and it's bad. Several components in that corner of the board have lost their markings (or just departed the board). I'm hoping someone has an original Tandy 3000 (Not the NL or HL) that would be willing to open their case and...
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    Venix/386 Now on Internet Archive

    I found a complete functional copy of Venix/386 - and have successfully imaged the disks and uploaded to the archive. I could not find any other archives of this Unix anywhere, so I might have brought this one back from the dead! I have also managed to install it and get a functional system on...
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    Woes with the 430nx Chipset - Ideas?

    Today, I encountered my second 430nx based board, and it had the exact same issue as the 1st board I had tried to get going about two years ago. Basically, it seems when the Dallas RTC's die on these boards, replacement does not work. The first board was a Packard Bell LPX board, after...
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    IBM PS/2 P70 Power Supply Outputs?

    Does anyone have a P70 that would be willing to disconnect the plasma power connector (6 pin) and take voltage readings? You have to cut a few zip ties and slide some heatshrink out of the way. I can't find a reference anywhere for the plasma voltages. I have a "pinout" with colors listed...
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    Help Identifying Tandy Memory Expansion

    Does anyone know what system these boards go to? 1700381 Rev D Tandy PN 870-9838
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    Mac Plus & SE Boot Media

    I am hoping some loving soul would be willing to write a few boot disks for me. I need disks for the Mac Plus and Mac SE. Preferably two of each in case I bork a disk in a bad drive. I'd be willing to pay a few bucks each + shipping. Thanks!
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    Valuable / Collectible Early Mac's

    I'm meeting up with an older gentlemen tomorrow afternoon to check out his collection of older Mac's. He didn't know the models, but said they were the "old box style all in one type" machines from the 80's / early 90's. I'm guessing it's the original Mac / Plus / 128 types, but there may be...
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    Looking for golf.com

    On my first computer, there was a small COM file, golf.com that was a text-based golf game. I don't think there were any supplemental files, but I could be wrong. I can't find it on any abandonware sites, mobygames, or the like. I'm wondering if anyone here might have a copy. I remember...
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    PS2 To Serial Mouse Adapter

    Did every PS2 mouse work when plugged into one of these adapters? I don't have any serial mice, but have several nice optical PS2 mice. I'd like to add mouse support to my Tandy 1200 XT Clone.
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    The Floppotron

    If you've never seen this thing on Youtube, it's worth the watch. Must have been fun programming everything :) The Floppotron plays Sweet Dreams
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    Tandy 1200 (Tandon XT Clone)

    Does anyone happen to have the setup program for the Tandy 1200, if there ever was one? Does anyone know if the BIOS might support a 1.2mb 5.25" or maybe just a 720k (or 1.44mb in 720 mode) 3.5" like the original XT? I have the users manual for the machine, but can't find a service manual...
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    Tandy 1200 Memory Upgrade

    I have a Tandy 1200 coming in on Thursday, and it only has 256k on board. There doesn't seem to be much information on this model out in the wild, besides an article or two about it. One such article claims you can expand to 640k on board. I'm wondering which chips should I be hunting for, or...
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    8bitguy's retrospective on the VIC-20

    Posted this morning. I quite enjoy his videos, even with a few mistakes and faults here and there :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg04GyhS3ss
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    Best games for 8086 + MGCA graphics?

    I've gotten my PS/2 Model 25-004 up and going, and want to try playing some games on it. So far, I've run Battle Chess, F-19 Stealth Fighter, and a handful of CGA games, but I was wondering what you all might consider the "must play" games that make full use of the MGCA, but will run okay on...
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    PS/2 Model 25 + XTIDE Headaches.

    I've been working with Glitch over PM's for a few days trying to get the XT-IDE Rev 3 board working in my PS/2 Model 25-004. I built the board, installed a Transcend 256mb DOM, loaded Bios 1.15, in compatibility mode (no chuck mod), but the damn thing refuses to boot on the PS/2. It works...
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    8 Bit Guy new video - Restoring a PET

    Uploaded today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHbhH7ISL_Y
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    Which machines have held or grown their value?

    Are there any vintage computers that would cost more now than they did brand new? Looking back at $3000-5000 price tags on vintage early 80's iron, I have a hard time believing that any of these machines would bring more than their original sticker price (not even counting inflation). I...
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    Anyone with a Compaq Contura 4/25?

    Does anyone have one of these laptops and a caliper that can measure the OD and ID of the barrel plug? The documentation and "replacement" supplies I can find online all list 4mm x 1.7mm, but just eyeballing the jack tells me that's incorrect. The center pin on the laptop appears to be 2.5-4mm...
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    IBM PS/2 Model 25 compatible Floppy Drive

    Looking for a working 720k or 1.44mb floppy drive for my PS/2 Model 25-004. The drive that came in it, would only read 50% of the time, I recapped the drive, and now it won't read at all. I suspect other components were failing and pushed over the edge by the new caps. This must be a PS/2...