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    CBM 8032 "factory upgrade" to SuperPET

    Just wondering: what type are the ROMs you are burning? m
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    Cromemco Z-2D

    That's interesting. Tell me more about this Comart card; what size is it, and does it work in both Z80 and 68K mode? And what would be an example of the multitasking you mentioned? Actually, Cromix (Z80 or 68K) with 64KZs and/or 256KZs is pretty well documented in the Cromix manual and the 64KZ...
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    CBM 8032 software mod 40 column screen too small

    No, you're quite right! There are three board versions: 8032089 - this is the one for which the switcher was designed. 8032080 - the switcher can be made to work with this one with a minor adjustment. 8032030 - incompatible with the switcher since there is no jumper block. See the enhanced...
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    Pet Assembler ROM file for 32k Dynamic PET

    Oops... Sorry, Dave, I was a little confused and didn't realize this was the version you were going to scan. FWIW, Steve scanned some of my Commodore documentation and files almost ten years ago but we apparently never realized that there was no public link to them (or that perhaps it got lost...
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    GPIB to Serial or parallel printer adapter with the PET

    Your wish is my command. Hope they're good enough; hard to light properly without reflections. BTW, do you have the Centronics interface on your version of the AIM65 AH5050 interface? Ever print from your AIM?
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    GPIB to Serial or parallel printer adapter with the PET

    Thanks for that! I've also got an ADA1450 and it's nice to have the instruction sheet. m
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    GPIB to Serial or parallel printer adapter with the PET

    The missing connections: U12-3: J2-4 U12-4: J2-5 U12-5: J2-6 The other connections to U12-3 to 5 correspond to the schematic as far as I can tell.
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    GPIB to Serial or parallel printer adapter with the PET

    I'll look around but don't hold your breath :) I do have an ADA1800 though.
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    GPIB to Serial or parallel printer adapter with the PET

    Fascinating and sometimes amusing discussion ;-) "The early serial printers essentially implemented the Centronics communications protocol over RS-232." Oh? Early serial printers were called "teleprinters" AKA Teletypes etc. and were in use long before An Wang et al dreamed of a corporation...
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    PET 4016 Upgrade options?

    Still waiting for a picture of the mainboard, especially showing the RAM chip numbers, and the opening screen. What does the label on the back call it?
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    4032 FAT-40 to 8032 Conversion Info

    I hate to argue and it is a little confusing, but not really; it works with two of the three 80 column 'universal' boards (or converted 40 column versions) but it does not turn a 40 column board into an 80 column one
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    4032 FAT-40 to 8032 Conversion Info

    Yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned that as well, also to remap the keyboard. Note that there is one actual mod required on the motherboard aside from moving jumpers, cutting the trace at UB8-1 and bridging the cut with a jumper or pins. This is because the 40 column version did not have UB8...
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    4032 FAT-40 to 8032 Conversion Info

    Just add 5 ICs; UB 6, 7 and 8 and UC 6 and 7, and change the jumpers appropriately. Schematic: http://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cbm/schematics/computers/pet/univ2/8032087-09.gif Steve's switcher is for a board that's already 80 columns...
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    PET 4016 Upgrade options?

    Those 5 empty IC locations in front of the keyboard connector are for 2x2114 video RAM chips and three associated TTL chips.` Schematics: http://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cbm/schematics/computers/pet/univ2/8032087-08.gif...
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    AIM-65 Video Output Success.

    Aside from the connectors it consists of nothing more than a 7406 and three pull-up resistors; as a matter of fact the same circuit is used to connect a Commodore PET to a 1541 or compatible. Great piece of work there, Hugo; congratulations. I haven't been on here for a while and wondered how...
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    Push down to unlatch and latch m
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    KIMdle: Semi-Wordle on the unexpanded KIM-1

    No sooner said... http://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cbm/pet/games/english/petdle.d64.gz
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    Repairing pillaged PET 2001-8

    I like Jim Brain's adapters (although AFAIK he doesn't have a dual 6550 version): http://store.go4retro.com/adapters-1/ My collection:
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    Aim-65 video card mystery

    Boy, you guys are really into doing it the hard way ;-) But seriously, I do understand the satisfaction of reproducing original peripherals etc for our vintage hardware and admire the folks who come up with some of the impressive examples out there. Here's a Rockwell app note describing a DIY...