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  1. NeXT

    Apple Lisa 2 (A6S0200) - Is this Fixable

    In addition to this, if you want to add SCSI to your Mac XL (Are there still unpopulated Sun remarketing SCSI boards on ebay for $25?) you can steal the SCSI chip and a few other discrete parts and now you also have a replacement hard drive (that you can't boot from without an extra ROM option)
  2. NeXT

    C64 Power Supply Substitute

    I don't need it to look pretty but can I make do with a 5V meanwell supply and a small 9v 10VA wall wart or is there more going on in the PSU circuit that say you can't do that?
  3. NeXT

    Western Europe WTB, RCA VP Terminal

    RCA's computer products always seemed to be pretty hard to come by (EG your MS2000 is serial 76 and my MSE3001 is serial 61). Are you okay with a 3301? There's one on ebay right now, albeit a bit expensive but it comes with a warranty if that means anything. - https://www.ebay.com/itm/380950555333
  4. NeXT

    Apple Lisa 2 (A6S0200) - Is this Fixable

    It's as weird as it is, but those are what we now call SMD decoupling capacitors but packaged in little glass beads with legs. Double check but I believe you can steal the IWM out of a Macintosh Plus/512k.
  5. NeXT

    What is this? Post Photos of Mystery Items Here (vintage computers only)

    And now that I have my much larger and newer MSA-1500 it runs entirely off ROM storage with an MC6803 CPU.
  6. NeXT

    Photos are required for the IBM PS/1 2011-C34 Adapter Card Unit.

    This was the riser card that gave you a set of ISA slots in the expansion slice, right?
  7. NeXT

    ISO clip-on 486 heat sinks

    I have not seen that style of heatsink commonly in years. Most of the 486 machines I saw those in were recycled in the later part of the 2000's.
  8. NeXT

    EGA monitor "in great condition"

    Looks like near-total vertical collapse. That normally isn't fatal.
  9. NeXT

    EGA monitor "in great condition"

    No bezel cracks and a good tube. I can see $150 for that. The scuffs will clean up with a magic eraser and 30 minutes of work.
  10. NeXT

    C64OS v1.0 released!

    It looks really snazzy and the documentation is excellent but I can't help but get a bit of an Amiga vibe when it comes to what you need to get in the front door. For Canadians starting off with the classic C64, a joystick and a 1541 you need the software... $59.00 $15-$20 shipping (I'd be...
  11. NeXT

    Pertec-interface tape controller.

    What exactly does the advantage of the RTC add to the tape read/write process?
  12. NeXT

    Four-Phase Systems IV/90

    Photographing and cleaning of the main chassis is completed. I have noted a few components are damaged on several boards due to prior mishandling. I have also been told it has been powered on within the last few years so the power supply is presumably still in working order, however before that...
  13. NeXT

    Super glue stuck in small SIMM socket, oozed all over

    Other than the above mentioned solvents and luck, you have no other choice but to desolder and replace the slot.
  14. NeXT

    Apple Lisa 2 (A6S0200) - Is this Fixable

    I and everyone else here can supply you with a wide range of options to repair with. There is nothing you lose by buying yourself out of a job like this beyond a strong sense of self-accomplishment and saying "I fixed that". You have made it quite clear you wish to take the boards under the iron...
  15. NeXT

    Four-Phase Systems IV/90

    Work started this weekend dismantling the main chassis for cleaning and photographing. There's a lot of dirt and cobwebs. No signs of animal damage, the capacitors on the power supply have all tested and reformed okay and the only real damage so far is broken pins on the keyboard alarm...
  16. NeXT

    Software for writing to MO WORM discs?

    Fair enough. I've been criticized for my abhorrently long-route projects as well. :P
  17. NeXT

    Running an old Altair 8800 program (w/ simulator) exploring old magazines

    Oh, geez, the very top of your post you mentioned you already knew this. Sorry..... The fact that music is being created at all is a total hack. You would have to break down exactly how each audible tone is being generated in the complimenting circuits which is very, very ambitious to say the...
  18. NeXT

    Software for writing to MO WORM discs?

    I know we are limited here by your hardware availability but why not just go with magneto optical at this point and flip the write protect switch? There is an insane amount of workarounds at play here.
  19. NeXT

    Running an old Altair 8800 program (w/ simulator) exploring old magazines

    The Altair Clone was confirmed to still be able to play music over an AM radio a number of years ago, so to a degree it still works. -
  20. NeXT

    British Columbia HP 9000 D350 + RAID + UPS

    I've been dragging this thing around for almost 15 years and I've never really had any fun with it. I need to make space and it's time to go. Originally came from a university computer lab. The system is a single CPU config with (if I remember) 256mb ram, two HVD SCSI cards, one EISA 10/100...