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  1. vwestlife

    Child of NABU Founders Working on Network Emulation

    Just because it's similar to MSX hardware doesn't mean that getting MSX games to run on it will be as simple as a ROM patch. 8K of ROM isn't enough to give it anything even close. First-gen MSX machines have 16K of system ROM plus another 16K ROM for Microsoft BASIC.
  2. vwestlife

    New desk is sitting in front of large window, how can I best keep some vintage beige box hardware from yellowing?

    Put UV-blocking film on the windows, the kind used to prevent artwork from fading: But in my experience, once the yellowing process starts, nothing you can do will stop it. I've had computers stored in a box or cabinet, completely shielded from any light, which yellowed even worse than ones...
  3. vwestlife

    RTC Clock setting on Heath/Zenith Z-148 PC

    I wish I had one of these cards in my Z-148. It's a neat little system, but not having any ISA slots absolutely cripples it.
  4. vwestlife

    Other US Areas Tandy 1000 RL/RLX/RSX

    The 1000RSX was a rare bird, only on the market for a short time, before Tandy sold their computer business to AST. It is a 2500RSX in a smaller box. So if you don't mind the different size, a Tandy 2500 would be easier to find and would deliver the same experience.
  5. vwestlife

    Mid Atlantic 8 mm Tape Cartridges: Free (You Pay Shipping)

    Are these Data8 tapes, i.e. the same thing as Video8 / Hi8 / Digital8 videotapes, just with a different name?
  6. vwestlife

    Commodore tape motor voltage.

    If in doubt, you can open it up and there should be a sticker on the motor indicating its voltage.
  7. vwestlife

    A short question about power consumption of old PCs / PC-hardware

    FWIW, an XT-class Tandy 1000 with CRT monitor uses almost exactly the same amount of power from the AC line as a Core 2 Duo PC with LCD monitor:
  8. vwestlife

    What's this ebay seller's angle..

    Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and thus is not international, at least according to the USPS. Airmail postage and/or customs forms are not required to send items from the mainland to Puerto Rico or vice versa.
  9. vwestlife

    Tandy 6000 destroyed in shipping - keep it or refund?

    It is the seller's responsibility to get the item to you in the condition it was advertised, regardless if they normally accept returns or not. This is even true if the item is listed as "for parts or not working". It gets to you in the condition it was advertised, or else the seller and/or eBay...
  10. vwestlife

    MS-DOS 3.30 / 3.31: tools are welcome!

    I use DS (Directory Sort) from Norton Utilities 6.01. Also SPEEDISK, which is the equivalent of DEFRAG in DOS 6.x/7.x (which itself requires DOS 5.0 or higher to run) can sort directories while defragging. Also, MOVE and DELTREE, copied from IBM's PC DOS 7.0/2000, work fine in DOS 3.3x, as does...
  11. vwestlife

    8 bit IDE (XTA) Replacement Project

    Here is WD's IDE SuperBIOS 3.1 (copyright 1990) from the Acculogic card:
  12. vwestlife

    8 bit IDE (XTA) Replacement Project

    It would be for a second drive. You can't daisy-chain drives with IDE-XT, so in order to use a second hard drive you'd need a separate cable for it.
  13. vwestlife

    8 bit IDE (XTA) Replacement Project

    I got an Acculogic sIDE-1 on eBay. But it turns out it's just a rebadged Western Digital IDE-XT interface. It has the same "WD IDE SuperBIOS". Its drive table matches the parameters of WD's 20, 30, and 40 MB IDE-XT drives.
  14. vwestlife

    And here we thought that cube taps were bad practice...

    I plugged a space heater into a power strip once. The power strip itself was fine, but its plug started to melt itself to the wall outlet.
  15. vwestlife

    Turbo Button history?

    Here's my crack at explaining the history and operation of the turbo button on PCs: I'd still love to get an Eagle Turbo XL, but I wonder how many -- if any! -- were actually sold, as the company was rapidly circling the drain after the IBM lawsuit.
  16. vwestlife

    And here we thought that cube taps were bad practice...

    I thought a "cube tap" was one of those cube-shaped devices which plugged directly into the outlet and gave you four or five non-grounded outlets, all pointing in different directions. Frequently shown in movies and TV shows being used to power multiple strings of Christmas tree lights, shorting...
  17. vwestlife

    Is there a way of connecting my Macintosh classic to an external display

    The video of classic black & white Macs runs at a scan rate of 22.25 kHz horizontal and 60 Hz vertical. That's fine for multisync monitors, and probably close enough that you could get it to display on an EGA monitor (21.8 kHz), but too low for VGA monitors which won't display anything below...
  18. vwestlife

    Best values for "BUFFERS="

    IBM's PC DOS doesn't have the secondary buffer cache option. If you have 640K of RAM, the default is BUFFERS=15. And maybe it's wrong, but I heard that you should set BUFFERS to no less than your hard drive's number of sectors per track, so that it can load an entire track into the buffers. For...
  19. vwestlife

    486 CPU questions

    With a 5x86 upgrade (PowerLeap, Evergreen, etc.) it would quadruple the motherboard's clock speed, so you'd end up with an 80 MHz 5x86.
  20. vwestlife

    Which word processing software was considered the absolute best on Win 3.xx?

    WordStar definitely buffers the document to disk -- on a 64K CP/M system, anything longer than about two pages, IIRC. If you shut off the computer without closing the document first, it would leave behind temporary files with the .$$$ extension.