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    Supermicro P5STE Motherboard PS/2 Mouse Problem

    On a system with a PS/2 mouse, but just an AT Keyboard, is the mouse alone on a controller? Also, what is that controller? I have an odd mouse issue and had to switch to a serial mouse. When I boot the system with a PS/2 mouse connected, all is well until I start using the mouse. It will...
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    Two Questions about AST IO Plus II and Tandon Drive Select

    Okay, so the AST board I have seems to have had the second serial port chip installed, but I can't figure out if this thing has the parallel port installed. I see so many empty sockets, but the only ones I can figure out are the ones that enable Apple Joysticks. I am attaching a pic of the...
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    Copy 2 PC Option Board

    Does this board still have a use nowadays? If so, what can be done with it? Can it fix my MS-DOS Activision disks that won't install anymore because I didn't uninstall? First time, HD died. Second time, I forgot to uninstall all of them before reformatting. So I have 3 games that won't...
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    3D Plotting Program IBM PC

    Back in 1984 when I went to DeVry, there were IBM PCs (5150) in the lab and someone had a program that did 3D wire graphs. I have always wanted that program, but I don't know who made it. I bet there were a number of different programs, but this one was pretty simple. Just plug in a couple...
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    Assistance Creating Disk for Model 4 Gate Array

    Okay, I have a bunch of .DSK files that I need to make into usable disks. They are programs I downloaded that use the Hires board and I've been wanting to test the board. There seems to be a number of ways to create them, but I was hoping I could list the resources I have and someone(s) could...
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    You think this is ASCII based?

    I'd love to use it, but I don't know if it is compatible with PCs. I believe it is a terminal keyboard from around '78. I know I'll never get the function keys working, and that doesn't matter, but if I could get it working as a standard keyboard, it would be cool. Right now it's just on display.
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    How Would You "Fix" This?

    My thought is heating it before manipulating it. I'm afraid it will break more if I try to line the two up and bend back. It is pretty hard plastic and obviously bends a little as seen in pic, but I don't think it will handle trying to go the other way without the heat.
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    Triggering Oscilloscope Externally Question

    I will be using my scope to work on a Tandon floppy drive using the SM as a guide. I'm not an expert when it comes to using a scope, but I've successfully used it for a number of projects. However, I've never had to externally trigger it like the SM requires for a couple procedures (two probes...
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    Another Tandon TM100-2A Issue

    I am on my last repair of a batch of drives. All other cleaning and repairs went perfectly and I now have 5 drives. However, the 6th one is being a pain. I cleaned it up, silicone oiled all rails and spindle bearing. The carriage moves back as smoothly as the stepper motor will let it (those...
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    I did something stupid (WD floppy/HD card).

    Yes, it was stupid. I should have paid more attention. I have a 286 clone machine with dual 1.2MB drives. I had them connected to a WD1003-WA2, but removed it as I had no MFM drives and wanted to install a controller that would handle IDE. I never got around to doing it and the other day got...
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    Model 4 Restoration

    I finally got around to restoring my M4. I had planned on doing it since '97, but it just kept working and working, so I figured it wasn't a priority. That was until yesterday. It started making some horrible drive noises in both drives. They have been noisy for a bit, but not this bad. So...
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    Cost of New CRT

    I have a Canon monochrome CRT from 1984 that wasn't working. After extensive troubleshooting, I have determined the CRT must be nearing the end of it's life. I had to turn up the sub bright control to max in order to get an image. It is bright and sharp, but I don't think it will last. I...
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    ImageDisk 1.17 and 1.18 on IBM 5150

    Okay, this is driving me nuts. I have a couple questions about this program running on a 5150 so I can test a couple drives and about the drive switch settings. I have the 256KB board with 2 360K drives installed. I have set the MB switches accordingly. I also have the external drive and I...
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    Hardware Values

    I don't know if this is the place to inquire about value of hardware, but I figured I'd ask. If this isn't the place, or there is somewhere better, let me know. Anyway, I have my original IBM PS/2 50Z purchased back in '88. Had I knows what was to become of Microchannel, or the limitations...
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    How Would You Fix These Traces?

    One of my Tandon TM100-2A motor boards had leaky caps, so bad they ate the solder and damaged the traces. I cleaned it up and tested the traces, but they are toast. What is the best way to repair them? I was thinking jumper wires from point to point until the circuits are complete. I have...
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    Help Finding Typing Program from early 80s

    Okay, I've done all the searches I can think of, but can't see to find the typing program I learned to type on back in '85 on an IBM XT. I know it wasn't the simple one that used to come with the 5150. I am trying my best to remember exactly what it looked like. It had a keyboard layout on...
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    Do You Think This Actually Does Something?

    I have wondered about this for some time now, but never bothered to try and figure out if it is just an elaborate business card, or if it actually does something if you provide power and an interface. If you look closely, you can see there are traces and each chip is interconnected. There...
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    Is this common, or am I just unlucky?

    So, I fired up the 5150 today and was trying to run a just opened cardboard mailer I got back in the early 80s (yeah, I never opened it). Inside was a demo of Lotus Freelance and I just had to run it. Upon running the first disk, it wanted the second in the B: drive. I complied...
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    Intel Multibus SYP312 286/10

    Before I make a post in the selling section, posting all the pics, description,etc., I wanted to post here and ask what the interest in such a system would be. I have a friend that inherited one when his dad passed. It is compete and comes with all the Xenix binders and lots of 5.25 disks. There...
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    Hard Drive Interface Identification

    I have an older 286 I've been restoring and decided not to fool around with trying to find and keep running, an MFM drive. I have an interface card that has both FD and HD interfaces, but I can't, even from the manual, determine what kind of interface it has for the HD. All I know is it is 40...