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    Free enormous old HP scanner

    Here is a scanner my boss is throwing away and I wanted to see if anyone here wanted it first, in Colorado Springs, CO.
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    Large lot of GRiD equipment for sale - group buy?

    Hey guys, so Paralel and I have been looking at a large lot of GRiD computers on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Grid-Laptop-Computers/274347098031 We've talked to him in private and while he's flexible on the price, he isn't flexible on not buying the whole lot. I'm only interested in everything...
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    FS: HP Portable 110, 110 Plus, and printer

    Finally going to let this piece go. Its very pretty and has a lovely sounding keyboard and latch. But it doesn't do much and I need to downsize. It works great except for the battery! Includes HP-IL cable, carrying case, and power adapter with box. Asking $100+shipping: I'm also selling a...
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    Wanting to buy GRiD 1660C, 1680, 1680C, or Panasonic CF-480

    Wanting to buy GRiD 1660C, 1680, 1680C, DECpc 325p, 425se, or Panasonic CF-480/comparable Panasonic systems. They're all derived from the same design and I ended up collecting several of them (Tandy, Siemens, DECpc) and want to complete the collection. Attached is a picture of the most elusive...
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    Caleb looks for an NEC MobileGear MC/R450 and gets unlucky

    I'm a portable computer collector. I happen to be interested in the NEC MobilePro line and have one of the early CE ones, the 400. I also speak some japanese and want one of the native japanese "MobileGear" models. So I looked at the models, and the highest end in it's lineup is the MC/R450...
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    Looking for info about existing models related to the GRiD 1660

    For some reason I'm interested in the generic laptops that were made by Matsushita for Tandy that were sometimes branded as GRiD. My first laptop was a GRiD 1660. Now I have both a 1660 and a 1660C (which I think is pretty elusive in it's own right) but I really need to get them running - the...
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    WTB: Small 486 based motherboard

    I got a Packard Bell desktop, and found a battery had burned through a lot of traces and components. It would be quite a monumental task to repair, so I'll see if anyone here has a suitable replacement on hand. I'll upload a picture when I can. It's small, has two ps2 ports, and one ISA riser...
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    WTB Caleb it UHD144 diskettes

    Looking for a 144mb diskette for the Caleb drive. It actually doesn't need to work, though that would be nice, even nonworking it'd go with the drive I have for looks. It can use normal floppies anyway.
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    ALERT: OEM Parts in Colorado Springs closing down!

    This is not another Computer Reset post! I went to my favorite (and the only) local junk shop today and was shocked to see a "store closing sale" sign! I will try to get a video before they close, but they say they close at the end of this month, so we really don't have much time. OEM Parts is...
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    Diamond Viper ISA VLB video card

    Found this laying around. I have no way to test it, so it's being sold as-is. Some more pics of it here: https://imgur.com/a/SGovdJy $10 plus the cost of shipping. Please don't buy it to resell it on eBay, I could do that myself :) Just wanted to see if anyone here wanted it.
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    What does Caleb look like?

    I had some pictures taken of me, and I thought you guys might find one mildly amusing. I was given an old suit from the 70s, and I already had long hair, so I went to Zenni for glasses and found they still sell some rather outdated looking ones, so I bought them - $15 shipped and just because I...
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    Anyone want to help get a monitor from New Jersey?

    https://m.ebay.com/itm/APPLE-MACINTOSH-12-MONITOR-RGB-DISPLAY-M1296-UNTESTED-LOCAL-PICK-UP-ONLY/372478008163?epid=2125004340&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 There's this here monitor in new Jersey I'm interested in. Anyone want to retrieve it and try to get it to Colorado? Also if you could get it to...
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    WTB: Zenith desktop with PCI

    Looking to buy a Zenith desktop with a PCI slot. Pentium >90 is preferred, but I'd consider any from the era with the green tree logo. I have a monitor and keyboard with the tree, and I'd really like a desktop to go with them. The Z-Station EL for example.
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    WTB or ANY info wanted: Panasonic CF-480 laptop

    So, this'll make me seem a little eccentric, so here's the backstory: my first computer was a GRiD 1660. Not a very good computer really, but it was my first computer and now I'm nostalgic about it. After a while I noted there were other computers that were really the same basic computer - first...
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    3 Pentium and 2 80386 Laptops for sale - Zenith, Toshiba and Gateway

    I must cull my laptop collection, I have too many, and I found I especially had too many Pentiums. Here's what I'm offering for sale, PM me for any details you'd like. Prices are without shipping: Toshiba 225CDS 48MB, Pentium, $30: Usually boots to Windows 98, PCMCIA to CF adapter read fine...
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    Unknown board for sale branded HP

    I don't know what this is at all, if you want it I'll ship it to you for like $2+shipping... https://imgur.com/a/lXVwZgp
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    Does anyone have any info about recelling old laptop batteries?

    Is there anything anyone can tell me about recelling this battery? Its from a ~1997 Dell XPi CD laptop. When it's in the laptop it never passes 0%. It has a very large circuit in it and there are two buttons - I'm curious why, as one reports the amount of power on a few LEDs, but I dont know...
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    The Toshiba laptop external FDD port "FDD Attachment Case"

    So I have a Pentium Toshiba laptop and I wanted an external FDD, and had a bit of difficulty getting one so I'll show you guys what I found. There are four or five different models of Toshiba FDD cases, but as far as I can tell there are only two types of connectors. This is the 17mm connector...
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    FS: Macintosh Performa 200

    I sold this Performa 200 on eBay. It broke in shipping and the buyer doesn't want it anymore. The issues are a piece of plastic broken off the top, which I hope she still has and can be glued back on, and it boots but no longer displays anything. I think it's highly likely it just needs the...
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    Getting drives shipped back from Sark

    Arranged to trade Sark my Apple HD20 for his labor on repairing my Apple FDDs. I shipped both to him, but that was many months ago, maybe April? He has said many times he would return them soon but hasn't yet. I do trust it'll work out eventually, but wanted to make a topic as a public time...