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  1. vwestlife

    IBM System 360 12-inch floppy disks?

    On my video about the genius design of the 3.5" floppy disk, one guy is insisting that he used 12-inch floppy disks with an IBM 360 mainframe: "The first floppies I used were the 12 inch floppy disc with IBM programs on them. They were buggers to keep safe and usable." I asked if he meant...
  2. vwestlife

    FYI: Computer Reset closing for good in April 2022

    Update regarding the Computer Reset warehouse near Dallas, Texas. The building is going on the market and the liquidation sale will be ending around April 2022.
  3. vwestlife

    The first sound card? 1978 MUSOR (on SWTPC) demo tape

    Musician Paul Millar (a.k.a. Slugbug) archived this circa 1978 demo tape for an electronic music system using a SWTPC 6800 computer with custom sound generation hardware: His description: Mystery cassette I found in my grandmother's house in the late 90s that became the object of much...
  4. vwestlife

    Looking for Diamond Pak ISA multi I/O card manual

    It's a full-length 8-bit ISA board, circa 1987, that just says "Diamond-Pak Rev 2, Made in Taiwan" on it. It has MDA/Hercules graphics (and/or possibly CGA?), floppy drive controller, 1 parallel, 2 serial, clock/calendar, and possibly a game port. I can find lots of info on other Diamond / DFI...
  5. vwestlife

    OEM Windows 95 to Windows 98 upgrade question

    If you upgrade an OEM installation of Windows 95 with a generic retail copy of Windows 98, does it retain the original OEM branding on the System Properties screen? I've never actually done a Windows upgrade -- I've always done clean installations -- but I'm playing around with an old Compaq...
  6. vwestlife

    A diskless TRS-80 Model II?

    I found this book cover amusing...
  7. vwestlife

    FS: IBM PS/2 8513 color VGA monitor

    Tested, working, and cleaned, as shown in the video below. Asking $50 OBO + shipping. Located in central NJ.
  8. vwestlife

    FS: Zenith eaZy PC all-in-one XT/8088-class computer (NJ)

    I had this listed on eBay but the winning bidder turned out to be a scammer so I am posting it here instead. The Zenith eaZy PC is a rare all-in-one XT-class PC from 1989, with a NEC V40 (V20 / 8088 compatible) CPU running at 7.16 MHz, 640K of RAM (512K on the motherboard plus another 128K in...
  9. vwestlife

    Trenton Computer Festival in Ewing, NJ this Saturday (March 23rd, 2019)

    I have no affiliation with the show. I'd just like to remind people that the Trenton Computer Festival will be happening this Saturday at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ: https://tcf-nj.org/ Description from the web site: TCF is a one-day festival held at The College of New Jersey...
  10. vwestlife

    Which way should 3.5" floppy disk labels go, up or down?

    With 5.25" floppy disks, there was never any question which way the label should go -- always with the read/write head opening facing down, so that it can be protected by the envelope while the label is visible at the top. But with 3.5" disks, there was never any standard. Many disks carried...
  11. vwestlife

    FS: NEC PowerMate SX/16 computer

    I have one too many vintage PCs so I've decided to sell my NEC PowerMate SX/16. As the name suggests it's a small desktop PC with a 386SX-16 CPU. It also has a 387SX co-processor installed, 1 MB of RAM, a 560 MB IDE hard drive (~512 MB accessible to the OS), an Aztech/Packard Bell Sound Blaster...
  12. vwestlife

    Intel releases new 8086 CPU!

    Sort of... https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/i7-processors/i7-8086k.html
  13. vwestlife

    Why was Sinclair selling UK model ZX81s in the USA?

    When you look on U.S. eBay there's usually about a 50/50 mix of U.S. and UK Sinclair ZX81s for sale (from North American sellers). Maybe some of the UK models were personally brought over by British expats, but that can't possibly be the case for all of them, especially since many of the UK...
  14. vwestlife

    CGA on a NEC LCD monitor the cheap way

    My NEC LCD1550M monitor is known to support 15 kHz video. I tried it in the past with my Apple IIGS using a Mac 15-pin video to RGB adapter (since the IIGS uses the same pinout as older Macs) and it didn't work, because the NEC doesn't support composite sync, which the IIGS uses. But it turns...
  15. vwestlife

    A search engine for fast-loading, vintage-style web sites

    Great for finding web pages to demonstrate on vintage computers connected to the Internet: https://wiby.me/ "Why wiby? Search engines like Google are indispensable, able to find answers to all of your technical questions; but along the way, the fun of web surfing was lost. In the early days...
  16. vwestlife

    Hewlett-Packard historical archives destroyed in Santa Rosa fires

    Sad news... http://www.pressdemocrat.com/business/7559762-181/hewlett-packard-archives-at-keysight-destroyed
  17. vwestlife

    Final legacy of 16-color CGA palette is disappearing in Windows 10

    Microsoft is updating the colors in the Windows 10 text console (i.e. Command Prompt) to replace the traditional CGA 16-color palette with colors that are "more compatible with modern high-contrast displays" -- ironically by reducing the amount of contrast between the colors...
  18. vwestlife

    YouTube ends all support for Flash Player

    Up until a few years ago YouTube gave users a choice of using either Flash Player or an HTML5 player to play videos. HTML5 eventually became the default, but browsers and operating systems which lacked HTML5 support for all of the video codecs and resolutions that YouTube uses would...
  19. vwestlife

    NJ Motor Vehicle Commission still using DOS?

    New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli says the state's Motor Vehicle Commission (a.k.a. DMV) is still using DOS: http://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/politics/2017/03/24/ciattarelli-optimistic-chances-gop-gubernatorial-primary/99577776/ "Ciattarelli said he wants to improve...
  20. vwestlife

    What kind of computer cassette tape is this? (TEAC CT-600H)

    I saved one of these from being thrown out today. At first it looks like an ordinary audio cassette, but then I noticed the lack of any obvious indication of its recording length or bias (Type I normal bias, Type II high bias, etc.). Instead it just says "High Density Magnetic Tape Cassette" and...