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    Packard Bell PB8810

    Had this stored away for about 30 yrs. Just fired it back up.
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    Granddaughter using Early Learning Fun

    My Granddaughter is having fun with this cartridge. Are there any other cartridges for age 5?
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    Mid Atlantic ZX-81 with books Swap Meet preview

    ZX-81 with books. Could not seem to get it working on my flat screen. $50.00 12 Timex cassette programs. $40.00
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    Mid Atlantic Compaq portable parts $50.00 Swap meet

    Compaq portable, power supply works. No video or beeps. No disk drives included. $50.00 Pick up at Swap meet.
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    Mid Atlantic Sanyo MBC 555 Works $200. Swap Meet preview

    Sanyo MBC 555 works $200. Includes copy of boot disk.
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    Mid Atlantic Apple IIe, Monitor, Disk drive Swap Meet preview Oct 8

    Apple II e works good. $200.00 Apple disk drive works good. $50.00 Apple Monitor works good $100.00 Ace 10 Disk drive works good $100.00 More items coming. Will be at the InfoAge Swap meet Oct 8, 2022
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    Sound card cable

    Hi, I have a dvd rom installed in my win 98 Gateway. It has a sound cable that runs from the dvd to the sound card. It all works fine. I also installed a cd writer. It seems to work but I have no sound from the writer. I am guessing it needs the same sound cable but the sound card only has 1...
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    Looking for Voodoo 3dfx 1 or 2 software

    I picked up a Gateway Destination with 2 video cards in it. I hooked up the video card jumper. It now finds a pci multimedia video hardware but does not find the driver. I am guessing it is the voodoo card.
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    Copy a hard drive

    I have a working Gateway Destination but no restore disks. I wanted to know how to copy this hard drive so I have a spare in case the original one fails. Thanks Here is the thread on my Destination. https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/gateway-destination.1238147/
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    Gateway Destination

    Hi, I have this Gateway Destination being shipped to me. Looking for info on connecting it to a flat screen tv. Curious how to hook up the pc vga and get sound in the tv. I don't see a sound card on the computer. I see it has rca sound out ports but don't know if they will work while in vga...
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    Mid Atlantic Gateway Destination items

    Looking for Gateway Destination items. Wireless Keyboard & Mouse. Restore disks, manuals, etc. Thanks
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    3 Vintage computer posters DEC Digital & IBM

    2 Digital Computer posters 30" x 21" I very good cond. Stored and shipped rolled.Tiny flaw on womens neck and very top. Doesn't affect display. Rare 1982 IBM PC poster 34" x 25" Has crease down center and some small tears along edges. Should still make nice display. 3 posters $50.00 includes...
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    MFM Hard drives, 2 full height & 2 half height

    Full Height $60 each includes shipping and paypal. ST-4038 - Type 20 - 30 meg ST-4053 - Type 32 - 44 meg 2 Half Height ST-225 Type 2 - 20 meg. $60.00 for both includes shipping and paypal. All hard drives tested to power and spin only. Sold as is.
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    Xerox 820 Motherboard.

    I bought this from a guy who worked for Xerox building the original 820 computers. He claimed it worked. I have no way to test it. $79.00 includes shipping and paypal. Sold as is. ***SOLD***
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    Kitchen Whiz Computer MIT Works, Like new.

    Working, Like New, never used. $20.00 includes shipping and paypal.
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    2 Vintage Digital Computer advertising posters 1982

    2 Digital Computer posters 30" x 21" I very good cond. Stored and shipped rolled. I have a second set of the same posters. Same cond. Small flaw on womens neck and very top. Doesn't affect display. ​​​​​​​2 posters $30.00 includes shipping and paypal.
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    Please post locations in your ads.

    It will save a lot of wasted communications. Thanks.
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    HP Pavilion 4535 Needs restore CD

    Looking for HP Pavilion 4535 restore CD with Win98. I see cds on ebay but It does not say what computer they are for. Looking up the number on the cd does not give any info online.