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  1. bear

    AT&T 7300 PC: Adventures in installing ETHERNET!!!

    ahem incorrect use of whitespace with = awk -e not portable grep with awk redundant, `awk '/Address/ { print $2 }'` unquoted use of $1 results in trojan horse
  2. bear

    AT&T 7300 PC: Adventures in installing ETHERNET!!!

    ldtbread(3X) reads a symbol from a COFF binary. If it's failing, the installation is probably broken, perhaps because the binary is corrupt or because some other library file is missing. Or maybe the kernel needs reconfiguring?
  3. bear

    AT&T 6300 - What is the latest version of Unix that will run on it?

    Not every version of MINIX can use the BIOS for hard disk access. I don't recall exactly when it was added. It's definitely not in 1.1. Might not be in 1.3 either. Hard disk not required for 1.x though.
  4. bear

    Question on 286 memory

    The Leading Edge Model D2 (10 MHz) also works this way. It can't be changed. I wouldn't hold my breath the Packard Bell is any different in that regard.
  5. bear

    Software for writing to MO WORM discs?

    That's exactly what I think. "MO" doesn't automatically imply "WORM". If the tools aren't specifically for WORM disks, you're going to create an expensive piece of garbage every time. You can't treat WORM disks as if they are "normal".
  6. bear

    A Very Very Rare IBM Adapter Card

    3270 emulation cards didn't come around until a couple years after this. It didn't sell well for an entirely different set of reasons.
  7. bear

    Issue with Mac SE/30 and FloppyEmu as HD20

    probably the type/creator codes have been lost from this file. you will likely need to reset them (to... something?) using resedit or similar tool. uploader wouldn't accept the macbinary iii file, so I zipped it. good luck, you may need it.
  8. bear

    What happened to the file manager?

    https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/how-to-get-zip-drive-work-in-ms-dos-6-22-and-windows-3-1.54432/ and this is how I found it: taspi.zip site:forum.vcfed.org
  9. bear

    IBM RT PC experts?

    Hm, I must have been mistaken about my memory re: it not being generally possible to use an IDE drive. I couldn't find a reference to the details of those reports (I could've sworn it was a FAQ item, but no) when I was originally writing that, and so going off (apparently faulty) memory. Perhaps...
  10. bear

    Mid Atlantic Wanted: AT&T UNIX PC / 7300 / 3b1 RAM card

    I think I might have one or two as spare. What's your ideal outcome? Maybe trade it to you straight across for the 3B2 memory?
  11. bear

    HP C360 drive tray details

    Uses the same type of knurled flathead screw that is all over the back of all kinds of other HP-UX machines at least since the 300 series. The main difference, apart from size, is there is a shoulder on the ones used to fix the rear PCB to the drive "boat", so that even when the screws are tight...
  12. bear

    IBM RT PC experts?

    or there could be read errors under /unix or /etc/init or the handful of other files needed for AIX to IPL.
  13. bear

    IBM RT PC experts?

    good spot, the hd6 "VRM" minidisk is missing, so yes, at a minimum, that is going to prevent the system from automatically IPLing. Not sure why it isn't booting once the VRM is loaded from floppy, but it may be that the VRM hasn't loaded all the necessary drivers for AIX, or who knows, possibly...
  14. bear

    IBM RT PC experts?

    It may just be that somebody erased (or simply renamed) the kernel, or otherwise did something like an rm -rf / on the system, which would just as effectively render the system unusable. I suppose it may be possible to use the AIX floppies to boot a maintenance shell you can use to mount the...
  15. bear

    IBM RT PC experts?

    You don't need a battery to IPL, I've been running mine without a battery for ages. I've actually been looking for a 5080 attachment card for some time. What kind of trade might you be interested in?
  16. bear

    IBM RT PC experts?

    You can only use ISA IDE with a patched 4.4BSD. I'm not sure if you can boot from it, I can't find the FAQ references to that, now. Maybe.
  17. bear

    Mid Atlantic AT&T 3B2 RAM

    I wouldn't mind having some spares on hand.
  18. bear

    Help repairing IBM PS/2 L40 SX docking station

    I just pulled a shorted one off an 0665-53 fixed disk drive. I wasn't sure what to make of the markings, either, so I pulled another one off that wasn't shorted out and measured it. It appears to be 20µF. I measured a second one just to be sure, since I can't see how "5615 372" could be read as...
  19. bear

    Why was there never a more "IBM-compatible" 80186?

    I don't know that in 1986 or 1987 too many people wanted a really really fast DOS machine, they were mostly eagerly looking forward to something better than DOS. Which then took longer than expected to materialize, and in a way that was unexpectedly both more compromised and more expensive...
  20. bear

    Why was there never a more "IBM-compatible" 80186?

    It doesn't seem like "an obvious product" to me. What went into your calculus here?