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    Mobile Pro 770 pic connect cable

    I have a NEC Mobile Pro 770 and I need a Pc Connect Cable for it does anyone know where I can get one
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    trouble making Compaq Diagnostics Disk

    I run into this what do i do i am new at this https://www.dropbox.com/home#!/lightbox/home/Picture
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    Not Vintage But till Need Help Dell Xps Studio 8100 videocard

    Would a nvidia GeForce gtx 650 ti boost be comparable in my Dell Xps Studio 8100?
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    Compaq SLT Notebook PC 286 Diagnostics Disk File

    Hello I recently Acquired a Free Compaq SLT /256 I Repaired The Keyboard cord and I turned it on and it says 162-System Options Not Set-(Run Setup) Insert DIAGNOSTIC diskette in Drive A: (Resume = "F1" Key)