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    BASIC Compatibility on Coco 3

    Is Coco 3 extended BASIC source compatible with Model 1, III or 4 basic? If not, what computer BASIC is closest?
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    Rest in Pieces

    RIP Moore's Law: 19 April 1965-2 January 2018
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    Email Software

    Since M$ discontinued its email software I can't find anything that worked as good as Live Mail. Tried Thunderbird and I don't like it.
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    How do I get one? Who do I contact? Thank you!
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    NitrOS9 Disk Create Woes

    Using DD/DS 3.5 disks and dskini I have failures on all of track 12. Why?
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    A tale of two diskettes.

    I have a double 3.5 in 720k drive unit for my Coco 3 system. Can I use 1.44 meg floppies?
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    Procrastination temporary ending.

    Removed a considerable amount of junque opening up a sizeable amount of computer space. I've put this off for eight months. Extreme happiness!!!
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    Something new has been added!

    I opened up my Coco 3 to see if the CPU was socketed. Something unexpected caught my eyes. A cloud9 512 simm unit was installed! How can I test for proper operation? Two 256k simms are installed. Could larger simms work? I'm impressed!!!
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    Obscene Floppy Drive Prices

    I looked on eBay for reasonably priced 360k 5.25 floppy drives. The prices I saw were absurd! Why are these drives, used by my Tandy/Radio Shack computers, so damned expensive?
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    They're Here!!!

    My Coco3 and FD-501 drive controller have arrived! Now for some deviltry...
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    Starting on Coco 3 system purchase.

    I placed an order on an FD-501 floppy controller for my future Coco 3. Computer order coming soon.
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    Hot Cup of CoCo?

    Looking at buying a CoCo III. After this I'm looking into a floppy controller/drive, memory expansion, monitor cable and OS/9. Fingers are crossed!
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    First Plains Post

    Welcome from Plattsmouth, Nebraska. I have a "reasonable" sized collection of Tandy/Radio Shack, Commodore and older PC compatible systems. (Moderator's note: This was moved from a regional forum.)
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    Amiga Redux

    Can AmigaDOS 3.9 be installed without a boot floppy? How? Just updated my ROM's.
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    Color/graphics CP/M

    Does this exist? Can it be implemented on a Commodore 128 system?
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    Tandy 1000 SL Upgrade

    I really had FUN today! It's been a long time since I tried installing dipps. I'm so used to zero-insertion force sockets that I forget just how much trouble press-fitting pins can be. It took almost an hour including carefully removing the, just installed, 8087 chip with a bent-in pin. Before...
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    After years of waiting I finally got an 8087-2 for my Tandy 1000 SL. Coming soon is a Dallas 1216E Smartclock. Time to complete my updates on my vintage computer.
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    Program rings a bell...

    What is Enable?
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    VIC-20 video mod.

    I have an older VIC-20 and would like to modify the video for split-composite (separated chroma/luma) similar to the 64. The schematic from Denial only covers the newer units. Please help by supplying a diagram.
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    Yes, we're missing the file!

    I have a Creative Labs EncoreDXR-3 MPEG decoder card and the requisite Win2000 driver. Somehow I lost the beta DVD viewer software. Without the software my rare Thunderbird Athlon 950 struggles to watch movies and uses lots of CPU resources. The card requires the software to function properly...