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    8250 serial port speeds on XT, AT

    I have 2 machines displaying very different speed capabilities on RS-232. 1) Z-171, 80C88 4.7MHz, 8250 UART with 1.8432MHz crystal --> works well at 9600baud, but receiver cannot keep up at 19200 baud 2) Sharp PC-6220, 80286 6/12MHz, unknown serial hardware --> supports 115200 baud obviously...
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    Laplink- transfer between modern PC and MS-DOS 3 PC?

    hi, I am contemplating using Laplink to make transferring software over to my old Zenith Z171 (5.25 floppies) a bit easier. I believe you need to run Laplink software on both ends of the transfer serial cable - the target Zenith laptop and my PC sitting nearby. I think it is clear that I can use...
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    Ontario Wanted: Kyocera KC-20B MFM drive for parts

    Hi I am interested in a parts donor KC-20B. Or also a KC-30B. DM me if you have one and are willing to part with it. Thx
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    Rk06 disk packs

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other/hamilton/vintage-new-rk06-memory-disk-packs-now-99-ea/1539581953 Thought this might be of interest..
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    using XUB with MFM drives

    hello all, I am thinking about a project to make an improvement to my old Zenith Z-171 lunchbox. This computer was originally supplied with 2 5.25 floppy drives - no HDD. I have modified the unit to have two interesting configurations from a storage perspective. 1) HDD via XT-CF card using...
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    Safe to open up an mfm hdd to try and fix it?

    Forgive the dumb question especially if this is asked and answered. I'm contemplating opening up a kyocera kc20b mfm drive. If I do, is it basically bound to fail due to contamination? Thanks
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    Zenith Z171 plus WDXT-GEN debug

    Hi all Trying to add an MFM controller to my Z171 so I can test a couple of MFM drives. Only partially working. To connect up the controller, I made an adapter board they extends the Z171 bus. Seems ok. WDXT bios rom is readable and I can run the internal commands via DEBUG. So thats...
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    PCI to ISA adapter boards?

    Hi folks, Wondering if anyone has experience with this product, or similar. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114575954684 It seems to be a PCI card that supports an ISA 8-bit socket. Could this be used to use an old ISA card in a newer system? thanks
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    Need ISA 8 bit 62 pin edge connector

    Got a project on the go... need to make my own ISA bus extender. Anyone have one or two of those 62 pin connectors they could part with? thanks in advance. These seem to be a bit hard to find at a reasonable price...
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    matching an MFM drive to a controller

    I have two Kyocera KC-20B drives, and I think an WDXT-GEN controller version F340 will work with it based on the manual. see this thread https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/wdxt-gen-kyocera-kc-20b.1239560/ Can anyone confirm that this controller will work with these drives? thanks
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    WDXT-GEN + Kyocera KC-20B

    There is a user manual for WD XT-GEN at minuszero, very helpful! http://minuszerodegrees.net/manuals/Western%20Digital/WDXT-GEN%20-%20Users%20Guide.pdf I'm considering buying an F320 version of this card, to use with KC-20B drives. This manual does not specifically list the Kyocera KC-20B...
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    Ontario need a uPD1990AC real time clock chip

    Jameco seems to be a supplier but they seem to be having trouble. Anyone out there have of of these chips they could part with? thanks
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    Windows 3.1 hdd in a pentium 4 PC

    Hi, I have a working Conner cp2120 hdd that is loaded up with windows 3.1. It boots up and works when mounted in a Pentium 4 class pc. Question is.. what mouse driver should I find in order to get a ps2 mouse working? Any suggestions? Win 3.1 is a fun walk down memory lane.. Thanks
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    Ontario Conner CP2124 for sale - tested good

    I recently bought a Toshiba 1910C for repair but it was not savable. The hard drive is good though - I have it running now in a PC and it has Windows 3.1 on it. It tests error free. 40$ USD plus shipping, located in Ontario Canada. PM me if interested, cheers
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    Interesting portable...

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-laptops/calgary/one-of-the-original-laptop-computer/1599684320 Anyone recognize this old machine? Any info on it?
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    Connor CP2024 from a Toshiba T1900C

    In the coming weeks I expect to be able to test out a Connor CP2024 120MB drive. If it tests out, I'll post a follow up note here in case anyone needs it for their old laptop.
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    80C287 install not working in Sharp PC-6200

    Hi all, I recently acquired and revived an old 286 laptop from Sharp. Quite a nice compact machine actually. I thought I would try to add then 80C287. I purchased a part off ebay : IIT 2C87 math coprocessor. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/393600487724?hash=item5ba46ad12c:g:HgwAAOSw30dhU1x2 Didn't...
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    PowerPC Microprocessor Family: The Programming Environments for 32-bit uprocessors

    found a 1997 Motorola publication for PowerPC PowerPC Microprocessor Family: The Programming Environments for 32-bit Microprocessors Paperback, excellent condition. this book is listed on Amazon, see here...
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    XT-CF into an AT 16 bit bus?

    Given XT-CF and the like are 8 bit - is it possible to do something similar for 16 bit? I guess this is a bit of a challenge. I assume you would have to redesign the hardware to work for 16 bit bus, and that change would drive some changes to the flashing utility. The CF card itself looks to...
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    processor "speed" ratings, specifications

    I have been spending some time modifying the TRS-80 model 100 to run at 2x clock IE 4.9152MHz. The production 80C85 specification clearly does not support such operation. And yet, it works well, under some conditions * you need to use fast RAM * you need to use fast ROM .. and here fast means...