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    WTB 4GB DDR3 ram modules 1600mhz or above...

    WTB 4GB DDR3 ram modules 1600mhz or above... If anyone has this type of RAM available, I could use it. My PC is using nearly 10 year old 2GB 800mhz modules.
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    Anyone else compose retro video game music?

    Anyone else compose retro video game music? I'm working on a PC-Engine inspired shoot em' up and here is what I have for my soundtrack so far. https://soundcloud.com/spacedragonforce/sets/space-dragon-force-ost A written using deflemask track in PC-Engine mode... I would love to port the game...
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    Forum Issues, Let's work together to determine some details

    here's a tracert. I can't copy the text from my command prompt so here is an image instead. Seems to be packet loss.
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    increasing pc speaker volume?

    My DOS PC's speaker is kinda quiet. How would I go about increasing it's volume for games that only use that for sound? Would I have to replace the speaker itself?
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    WTB 200-300w AT power supply

    WTB refurbished or like-new 200-300w AT power supply.
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    PC cutting power

    Sometimes my DOS PC cuts power. I think it might be because the power supply is old so I ordered a new AT PSU for it. Would it best for me to not use this computer until I put the new supply in. Don't want to risk ruining my hardware. (I think I just answered my own question. lol
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    MS-DOS tracker sound blaster FM (rather than samples)

    I'm looking for a tracker for MS-DOS that will sequence sound blaster FM rather than just samples.
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    USB in MS-DOS

    I'm trying to figure out out to use USB flash drives in MS-DOS to transfer files I've found 2 drivers usbaspi.sys and di1000DD.sys but I don't know how to get it to assign a drive letter so I can access it.
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    Game Card Automatic in a 200mhz system?

    Would there be issues with using a Game Card Automatic gameport card in a 200mhz system when it says it goes up to 120mhz? Do I just set it to the highest setting and hope it works?
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    WTB working DOS PC 486-pentium-whatever just that it works with isa/pci slots

    I'm getting fed up with trying to get this Gateway of mine working again. I just want to play some old games. Does not need to have a soundcard, it can be a bare system as long as it posts. If you got anything you want to get rid of, I'll pay shipping rather than it getting recycled. I can trade...
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    Manual or info on Micronics Socket 5 MB55061379 Motherboard

    So my replacement motherboard arrived and of course it has no documentation and I don't know what I need to setup jumper wise... a Micronics Socket 5 MB55061379 Motherboard. ANy help?
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    My friend's storage unit finds...

    So one of my friends was looking in one of their storage units as they said they had some old PC stuff that I might be interested in. Turns out that wasn't the case but instead they found this: I told them how much it could be worth...
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    Cyberpunk games list

    Here I'm going to list my favorite cyberpunk games both vintage and modern. List your favorite games with computery visuals and/or hacking gameplay. 1. Fract Osc - as an owner of many hardware synthesizers I just love this game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjdBuFQfsdc 2. Rez - that...
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    Pentium II MMX and MS-DOS 6.22

    There's a great price for a Pentium II MMX 350mhz PC where the motherboard has USB. If I get it I would like to put MS-DOS 6.22 on it... even though it has USB. Which would just be ignored? I know there are no USB drivers or it? Or are there? Or on a machine like that should I use Windows...
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    Getting old Mac software from the interenet without a modern Mac

    I currently have a mid 90's Mac that I would like to get some games on but every download gives me a stuffit file or a zip with files that my Windows 7 PC can't read. So, would this mean I would actually have to track down an old version of stuffit on an actual disk and then open the .sit files...
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    Socket 5 CPUs?

    After trying the new DS12887 and still no post I have come to the conclusion that my Pentium 90 might have been damaged... Are there anything with a bit more power that could fit in a socket 5 motherboard or was the 90 the highest?
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    Recommend a good DOS GPU

    When I get my DOS PC back up and running I would wonder if there's something better than the Mach 64 PCI that I have installed (came with the PC). For some reason it couldn't do 640x480 in Quake even though I thought it was a VESA compatible card.
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    Gateway 2000 P5 motherboard

    Considering my Gateway 2000 P5-90 motherboard might be messed up beyond repair... the rest of the system seems fine. If anyone has a P5 motherboard I would like to know. I'm looking for something that uses modern CMOS batteries like the P5-120. Perhaps I should ask if a P5-120 motherboard would...
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    Need replacement or reworked D12887 CMOS battery

    Just when I had my DOS PC the way I wanted it and then the Dallas D12887 dies... I think it's soldered on the board without a socket... ugh. Anyone have modded D12997s with a battery socket or something?