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    Mini-Review: Liligo ESP32 VGA+FAB-GL Library/PC Emulator Demo

    I'm not sure how people on this board feel about emulators, but... I have been spending the evening playing with the LILYGO TTGO VGA ESP32 Module V1.4 and FAB-GL, a very nice Arduino library and it's "demo" IBM-PC emulator. Let me say, that for $18 and some stuff virtually everyone reading this...
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    Retro-Retro Computing Repairs

    i built a few boards about 20 years ago that demo'ed the 8008 and the 8080 with scrolling descriptions of the chips. I pulled these out of storage to look at while I was building new 4004 and 4040 hardware. They didn't seem to want to reset anymore. It turned out that although my wire-wrapping...
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    Mystery UVEPROM Chips (1702/1702A? 2708? or...?)

    Many years ago, I purchased some white UVEPROMS cheap that look a lot like Intel 2708's from the packaging. The seller thought that they were 1702A's but wasn't sure. The problem is, other than a datecode (7829) on the bottom, they are completely unmarked. I am fairly certain that they were not...
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    ESP8266 Based 8008 Emuilator with PS/2, NTSC Out, Paper Tape

    One of the more satisfying projects that I did this year was to modify an earlier project (described at http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?60670-Tiny-Wireless-8008-Emulator) so that it could be standalone. With just the ESP8266 (ESP-12E, ~3-4USD) and a few other components, this has...
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    VT320 CRT Replacement -(Mostly) Successful

    So, I was playing with my VT320 terminals that I painted and cleaned a few years ago. One worked very well, but one was dim even when turned up to max brightness. Both had burned amber CRT's. I thought that it was now or never on the CRT's, so I searched around for replacements. I ordered a few...
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    Tiny, Wireless 8008 Emulator

    I just finished this up well enough to show: https://hackaday.io/project/28227-esp8266-based-i8008-emulator This is an ESP8266-based Intel 8008 emulator, running SCELBAL and the Shooting Stars game from flash. It's only about 1" x 2" x 1.5" in size, and housed in a dollhouse-sized walnut case...