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    EBook Reader for DOS?

    Other than converting ePub or Mobipocket/Kindle PRC/Mobi files to plain text files, does anyone know of an ebook reader application for DOS? I'd love to use my 100LX as an ebook reader (and have a bunch of books in DRM-free Mobipocket PRC format), but have not found any applications out there...
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    Microsoft's April Fools 2015 Joke: MS-DOS Mobile

    Anyone else seen this? http://lumiaconversations.microsoft.com/2015/04/01/microsoft-launches-ms-dos-mobile/ And, yes, I've already downloaded it to my Lumia. Pity it's not a full emulator, but it's amusing enough.
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    Not Mine - Trio of stripped IBM 5150/5160 PCs (?) on eBay

    Hi all, I've been coming eBay for a bit now looking for an old IBM PC to add to my collection, and stumbled upon an oddity. Here's one of the three a seller has up: "IBM Vintage 5150/5160 Personal Computer XT Clamshell Taking a look at the included pictures, and comparing them to ones I've...