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    LaserMaster LX-6 HP LJII Controller

    Long shot but.... I have in my possession a LaserMaster LX-6 controller. The controller allows achieving much higher res from a HP LJII then one would normally be able to (600x300 DPI vs the standard 300x300 DPI). If you are really interested can read more about it here: PC Magazine 05-16-1989...
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    Still looking for needles in a haystack

    Still looking to pay cold hard cash for the following (in no particular order): 1.IBM Industrial Series 7531 PC 2.IBM 5175 Monitor that is NIB, or Minty Clean in serial number matched box (yes a true unicorn) 3.NEC Multisync XL (JC 2001) 4.Areca Drive Probe Advanced Edition (with HW) 5.Working...
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    DOS LFN Support - I still don't get it

    O.K. I know this has been discussed before but I still don't get it: What does it take for pure DOS to support LFNs? Note that I am not asking about how to make a LFN work on a particular installation of DOS but the general requirements for it? I.E. does it have to be built into the Kernel? The...
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    John McAfee

    Apparently McAfee of the anti-virus fame has died.
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    GRC ReadSpeed Benchmark Program

    Hi, Has anyone successfully used GRC's new ReadSpeed benchmark program? It is a DOS program for hyper accurate benchmarking or so Steve says. I tried running it in a true/pure DOS format and it tells me that I need to remove himem.sys out of my config.sys. Fine, so I reboot w/ F5 to a prompt...
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    End of an Era - Frys gone

    Frys shuts down: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/02/24/business/frys-electronics-closure/index.html I remember when the Frys store opened up in Woodland Hills and practically put the CompUSA store out of business overnight.
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    WTB: 8 x 1mb 80ns or faster 9-chip (Parity) 30pin SIMMs

    Hello All, Looking for 8 sticks of 1mb 80ns or faster 9-chip (Parity) 30pin SIMMs. Ideally it would be a matched set but not a deal killer if not. If you have them please PM me. I am in LA, CA for shipping cost guestimates. Thanks.
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    Compaq Portable 486c Screen Brightness Issue - Part Deux

    Quick recap: I picked up a nice looking but problematic Compaq Portable 486c - most of the issues have been resolved. My last remaining issue is that I can not adjust brightness on the screen at all. It is on full max blast all the time. Initially I had thought the pot controlling the brightness...
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    Dummy Load

    A quick question: once you start a PSU using a dummy load will the PSU stay on if you disconnect the dummy load? I am wondering if there would be any point in putting a fuse inline in case of too much current draw. Thanks.
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    Looking for COMPAQ System Manager Facility

    Hello All, I am looking for a very old Compaq software (Circa 1992-1994) called COMPAQ System Manager Facility Version. It ran under Win 3.x and allowed access to a Compaq Server Manager/R (apparently also known as a System Manager) board. This was the very first entry in Compaq's remote...
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    Weird EISA issues setting HDD Type

    So not very hopeful on this one but I am having a weird issue with the EISA CFG on the Compaq Portable 486c. Everything seems to be working fine. I can boot, change config, have memory automatically recognized, etc. The only thing that does not work is if I try to set a custom HDD type (i.e...
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    Wanted TWO computer screws

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone is willing to part with two case screws? I need two 8-32 3/8" long combo drive Phillips and Hex drive with a built in nonserated washer. TIA.
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    Battery problem w/ Dallas DS1287

    O.k. so having identified the 386SX motherboard here I set about getting it up and running. Booted up the system and got a CMOS battery low error. Nothing special there. My plan was to replace the DS1287 w/ DS12885 PCB. Unfortunately, this motherboard is one of the few that does not like the...
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    Help identifying unknow 386 and 486 EISA Motherboards

    Hello everyone, I was hoping maybe someone would recognize either of these motherboards and could direct me toward jumper/switch settings? 386 The board seems to be working and I have worked out the 4 switch settings for memory size (for the most part...) 486 EISA If all else fails I...
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    Vintage (or is it just deprecated) Flash offline installers

    So I really meant to download the final version of flash for each of my platforms. However, 2020 being what it is I never got the chance. Anyone have, or know of a source, with the offline installers? I have a few pieces of HW (e.g. my Compaq Library Tape Loader) that uses flash in their web...
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    Compa Portable 486c - can not adjust screen brightness

    So the brightness on the screen seems to be maxed out. I took the machine apart and it appears to be a bad pot. At least I think it is. Measuring the resistance with the dial set to either max produces no change (i.e. at both positions the resistance read 4.8k ohms). Unfortunately I can't seem...
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    Need help replacing HDD on a Compaq Portable 486c

    I have a Compaq 486c computer that arrived sans HDD. I was going to pop in a 44pin to CF converter except the system uses a 40pin female cable and a weird 3 pin power connector Anybody have any experience with these connectors? The interface is supposed to be standard ATA. TIA.
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    WiFi Bridges for vintage systems

    Quick questions to those who use a WiFi bridge (such as a TP-LINK WR700N) to convert a wired connection to a wireless one: Are you using or do you need to use TWO IP addresses for the setup? I currently have my Toshiba T3200SX WiFi enabled with a TP-LINK WR700N. Looking through my device lists...
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    Ken William's New Book

    I know there are a few Sierra Fans out in the crows. I am wondering if anyone else had a chance to read Ken's new book: Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings? I just finished it (was a very easy read) and thought it was an interesting view point. If you are looking for the nitty gritty of how...
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    Sierra The Legend of Robin Hood: Conquest of the Longbow

    I am wondering if anyone knows whether this was the only packaging for this game: Usually the blue labled boxes were considered "aftermarket" and came with the white labeled disks as opposed to the regualr Sierra releases w/ the yellow Labels with the Sierra logo on them. I have only seen...