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    The South McDisk Drive

    I am looking for McDisk E or G drives. These take a PCMCIA hard disk and have a SCSI interface. Must be in working condition. Thank you! Cheers, Al
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    Ampex SP-300

    I hope this isn't too far off topic but there has been a previous thread on digitizing NASA tapes so here goes. This recorder is 7-track and takes 1/2" tapes. I intend to use it to look at some NASA telemetry tapes. The problems are 2-fold. First I would really like to get hold of a manual (and...
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    54-15422-01 Panel Cab Kit for KDF11-B

    I am looking for the cable as pictured that goes between the Cab Kit Panel and the KDF11-B. Would also like documentation on the cab kit, can't seem to find it or the designation of the cable. Thank you for any help. Cheers, LSI11AL
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    Trying to create TU58 image

    Taking the following instructions from the TU58FS site I tried to create rt11v53.tu58. After booting dd0: I tried to exit but got message UCL-F-File not found SY:UCL.DAT. Consequently rt11v53.tu58 remains an empty file. What must I do to get this working properly? Thank you. Al Booting RT-11...
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    Dilog DQ419 Floppy Controller with Shugart 860 Floppy Drive on LSI-11/23+ system

    Using a 3M SS,SD diskette I did a low level format under ODT. Then running a TU58EM emulation of RT11v4 I did a format and an initialization. I got illegal directory messages after each step. Next wanting to see if I could read a diskette I obtained a 3 diskette set of an RT-11 V4.0 Autopch. I...
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    VT320 problems solved

    Replacing the driver and DUART ICs fixed the printer port but not the DEC423 port. With the terminal connected to the computer I discovered that if push the plug in and up (and hold it in place) it makes connection and the terminal works as it should. I then did some connectivity checks with...
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    VT320 problems

    Now that I have my 11/23+ system running I wanted to try using a real DEC terminal. Connected a VT320 to the computer and all the boot up information appeared on the screen. However, when I went to respond the terminal is apparently not sending to the computer. I have the cable from the terminal...
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    Bootable RX01 diskettes with RT-11 and XXDP

    Would greatly appreciate if anyone could provide me with these two diskettes. Still fumbling with my PDP 11/23 system. Thank you. Al
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    Need help with 11/23 system

    System consists of LSI 11/23 (M8186), MSV11 (M8059KF), DLV11-J (M8043), RQDX3AA (M7555), and BDV11. These are in what was a MicroVAX II box. Thanks to help on the forum I burned a set of 2716 EPROMs as KDF11-BJ ROMs. Using PUTR I created what I hoped would be a bootable RT-11 disk for the RX50...
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    EPROM Programmer Recommendations

    I am ready to burn some new EPROMs (Intel 2716) for my bdv11 board. Never having done this before I am looking for recommendations on what programmer to purchase. Thank you! Al
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    ROM ID on BDV11 Board

    I acquired a BDV11 board which has the following six ROMs on it: 24160636-04A 24160636-02A 354811 354812 354779 354790 Can anyone help ID what these ROMs are for? Thank you very much. Al
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    MicroVAX II failure on boot

    Fired up the MicroVAX and received the message as seen in the attachment. So does this mean a problem with the interface, the RD53 drive, or possibly both? I will be setting the BA23 box up with an LSI-11/23 system but would like to know if there is a problem with the drive before I do so...