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    Issues getting turbo LED display to work with a 386

    Hey there. I have a M396F 386 SX 33 board in a case and am having trouble getting the turbo LED and display to work correctly. None of the diagrams on Minus Zero degrees match mine. Here’s the first problem: As hooked up, the LED display shows a 16 when turbo is pressed and the Turbo light...
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    PCJr Infrared keyboard and modern systems - adapter?

    I picked up a couple of these from Computer Reset, and they're cute! I notice they not only have infrared, but also a RJ11 jack on the back. Do they natively use the XT protocol on the wired connector, or is it proprietary to the PCJr? Has anyone created an adapter that will make these work...
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    Needed - IBM 5152/Epson MX80/TI Impact printer

    All of these were the same unit. I’m looking for either a working unit or one that I can use for parts. I am also looking for the serial card for this printer too. Thanks!!!
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    Reading Signetics PLS153N PALs? (Also an AMPAL16R4APC)

    I have some Signetics PALs that I need read, and my programmer doesn't support them. I also have an AMPAL16R4APC. Does anyone know how I can get read some PLS153N (if the fuses support it)? My 844USB and my TL866 don't support them. If the fuses are blown, are there any reverse...
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    How to dump Tandy 1100 Character rom via software?

    Trying to figure out if there’s a way to dump this via software so I can get it to the MESS folks. This is the 1100 character rom. I’d rather only desolder it as a last ditch effort (I’d have to pry the label off and figure out what kind of chip it is, too.) Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Sensation Parts wanted

    I have a Sensation 1 and am looking for some parts if anyone has a parts unit.... 1) Power Supply - if not, no worries, I'll just have to build one with a PicoPSU and a breakout ATX board 2) Modem and the modem cable I an open to trades and such if anything is needed. I have a literal boatload...
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    Panasonic BP-150 with super rare EMS card on eBay

    I saw this on eBay this morning. (Not mine) This is like the Tandy 1100FD - except two differences: 1) It has a backlight! 2) The ROM does not have DeskMate. However, everything else is exactly the same as the 1100FD. This model has the rare unicorn of a 1MB EMS card in it that can be used...
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    26 pin floppy FFC/FPC adapter and cable (1.25MM to 1.00MM) now on GitHub

    I've found while working on older 486 and early Pentium laptops that a lot of them use 26 pin FFC cables - but 1.25mm ones. This includes laptops as old as the Tandy 1100FD all the way to my Toshiba 405CS. Almost all the replacement servo-based floppy nowadays are still 26 pin FFC - but they're...
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    Minus Zero Degrees Contact?

    I have some stuff they might want to put up in a shared folder, but there's no contact button. Anyone here know who runs it?
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    Tandy 1100FD/HD Service Manual (Panasonic BP150) wanted

    In case anyone with Google ever finds this thread. I know people purchased this service manual - we still don't have a scan of it anywhere. If you have one, please consider letting me know! I'd be glad to compensate for time for scanning or outright purchasing the item so that I can scan it!
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    GW 451 I/O card information needed

    I have this 8 bit GW 451 I/O card that I’m looking for information on. It has a DE25 female (parallel?) and a DE15 (joystick?) connector on the back. It has two ASYNC ports on the board (serial). Seven jumpers and three missing ICs. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0YG4TcsmGXK00e...
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    Q: GECMenu (Gary E Carpenter Menu)

    There was an old shareware DOS menu-ing program in the 90s called "GECMenu" (I believe) - Gary E Carpenter was the author. Google cannot find heads or tales of this program, but I remember it being on a BBS back in the day. It was a really cool program that let you set menu descriptions...
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    Using a 2MB Lotek EMS board in a 1000SL/E

    I was thinking about getting one of these - but this was from my days when I was using my Commodore Amiga (after my Tandy 1000 days).... I know EMS is more limited with program types, you can't do DOS HIGH like with XMS (and DOS 6), but what else can you do with one of these things on my...
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    Best way to test a bunch of floppy drives

    I have a large cache of 5 1/4" and 3.5" drives that I need to test. I do have a variety of older PCs that I can use, and also a Kyroflux. The Kyroflux looks like low hanging fruit to test, but has anyone used it in the manner to test floppy drives? I want to make sure they're reading and...
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    Slimline floppy drives - need a 1.25mm FPC connector one

    TL;DR; Does anyone know offhand what floppy models are direct drive and 26 pin 1.25mm FPC? I can order a couple of whatever to try out. As far as slimline floppy drives (i.e. laptops and servers) go, I have need of a 1.25mm FPC variety to replace a dead floppy. (It's actually REALLY hard to...
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    Recovery media for eMachine 333cs?

    Got two emachines from the FIL while in his old warehouse. I found media for the 733i one on eBay :). Not having luck for the 333CS one. Anyone have media by chance (or an iso)? I did find the 56K modem driver cd for the 333, we just couldn’t find the main recovery media. Thanks!
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    BP Microsystems EP-1 programmer device list + software

    I don't see this anywhere else on the interwebs, so hopefully this helps. I have an EP-1 programmer that I got from a friend, and the device lists aren't anywhere on the net. Here you go :) Also, the manual is here: ftp://ftp.mrynet.com/Hardware/PROM/EP1.PDF >PARTS AMD 8753H *1B,C...
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    Tandy 1100FD BIOS

    I've dumped the 1100's BIOS (so we can compare with the Business Partner one now). This version is tandy_1100_v1.00.02_nov89_daft1a5. My 1100 is different from the CF150 in that: * No backlight * ROM is different, but still a 64K ROM * No inverter daughter board to power back light (top left...
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    Panasonic Business Partner 150 (Tandy 1100 FD) ROM image

    Dumped the 64K EPROM when I opened it up to change the drive belt. BIOS ROM version 01.00.03. This particular unit did have what looks like a connector to add a hard drive. The C: drive has DOS, DIAG.COM, DISKCOPY.COM, FORMAT.COM and SETUP150.COM. The setup and diag programs take the place...
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    Xenix driver disk 700-1502 needed for 25-4031 serial board

    Tandy released a four port serial board, 25-4031 way back in the 80s, and it had code that downloaded into its Z80 from Xenix when the Xenix 2.3.x system booted. From what I'm reading, there was a driver disc (700-1502) that was released that had the driver microcode for this board. It...