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  1. robbo007

    Olivetti M300-04 Video RAM

    Hi guys, I've got a Olivetti M300-04 (386SX-20). The onboard video ram is Siemens looks like 2x 256k 70ns and checkit/norton seems to display 256/512k. So confused how much it really has, 256k or 512kb. The online manuals and info show the board layout with two onboard chips and 2 slots...
  2. robbo007

    Western Europe WTB Shugart 860 8" floppy drive (World Wide)

    Hi, I'm looking for a Shugart 860 8" floppy drive. Preferbely Europe but from anywhere in the world also.
  3. robbo007

    Anderson and Jacobson ADC 260 Acoustic Coupler power

    Hi guys, I've located an ADC 260 acoustic coupler and its missing the power cable. From the manual I see there are two ways to power it. Manual here (page 2) : http://w.bitsavers.org/communications/andersonJacobson/ADC260_Operating_Instructions.pdf 1. is via the teletype DB25 connector which I...
  4. robbo007

    Schematics for Anderson Jacobson ADC 260 Acoustic Coupler

    Hi guys, I managed to source a ADC 260 acoustic coupler. Going to start restoring it. Does anyone have the schematics ? I managed to find the "General Operating Instructions" but nothing else. Regards,
  5. robbo007

    Can anyone identify this ISA card?

    Hi guys, Can anyone identify this ISA card? Some sort of conversion or interface card? Regards,
  6. robbo007

    IBM 5155 MFM Hard Disk dimensions

    Hi guys, I managed to locate a hard disk for my IBM 5155. Its a Seagate ST 225. The plastic front cover seems bigger than the guides on the floppy bays (25mm bigger). Did IBM make a smaller plastic cover for these machines? I've measured it against my floppy drive and its a tiny bit bigger thus...
  7. robbo007

    Roland MPU-401 eprom upgrade 1.5A

    Hi, I've got a Roland MPU-401 with version 1.4B. Can I just burn version 1.5A to an MBM2732A-25 EPROM and slap it in? My MPU-401 does not have the rom embedded in the CPU like newer versions. The serial number is 54XXXX. Does anyone know the release notes for each version of the ROM? Thanks,
  8. robbo007

    Sunblade 1000 issues

    Hi, I have a Sunblade and Im seeing this error in the POST. "Read parameters from seeproms FAILED" Is this because its complaining about the sensors on UPA0 and UPA1? Or is it the RAM? What are the "Seeproms"? {0}Soft POR to the whole system {0}* Configure I2C controller 0 {0}* Configure...
  9. robbo007

    Divide by Zero error MacSE and appletalk sharing.

    Hi, I've got a Mac SE (system 6.08 and I'm connecting over the printer port to my Power PC G3 (MacOS 9.2) via apple talk. On the G3 I have file sharing and appletalk enabled. On my MAC SE I see the G3 under chooser and the share. I the moment I authenticate with the user I get an error: Divide...
  10. robbo007

    Microsoft Network client MSDOS IBM AT

    Hi guys, I've got my IBM AT setup with Microsoft MSDOS networking client so I can access a share on my Windows XP machine on the network. I've got everything loaded on the AT with TCP/IP and Netbeui protocols. I've got a router between the IBM AT and the Windows XP machine. Pings work between...
  11. robbo007

    Ibm 8235 (021)

    Hi guys, I've got an IBM 8235 remote access unit. I've managed to locate the IBM Management Facility software (4.5.3) which allows me to communicate with the device and configure settings. I can't seem to find out how to save the configuration changes so when powered off they remain. Under the...
  12. robbo007

    Maxtor XT 2190 MFM Hard disk

    Hi Guys, I've got a Maxtor XT 2190 MFM Hard Disk. When I plug it into my XT I hear a quick "clunk" then nothing else. Does not spin up. Are there any simple fixes for these or is this a dead drive? Seems a shame as its 190MB. Would be good to fix but it might be beyond repair right? Or better...
  13. robbo007

    IBM Token Ring 16/4 Adaptor packet Driver (IBM 5170)

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if there is a MSDOS packet driver for the IBM Token Ring 16/4 network adapters? I've installed the IBM program network disk but this includes a driver only for IBM PC LAN NETWORKS with Netbui. I'm trying to use the mTCP suite to get the TCP/IP stack working but thus...
  14. robbo007

    IBM 5170 512kb board ram upgrade?

    Hi guys, Is it possible to upgrade the onboard ram on the IBM 5170 512kb board to 640kb? At present I have a 128KB ISA card filling the rest of the base memory but need a spare ISA slot. Thanks,
  15. robbo007

    IBM 5160 with Central Point Software Option board lockups

    Hi, I'm having some problems writing back to floppy disk a Transcopy 3.3 dump I took of the game Moebius by Origin Systems. I understand the copy protection on the floppy is Origin Systems OSI-1 so this version of Transcopy should be able to write it back as it was not until later Central Point...
  16. robbo007

    Hp 9000 340

    Hi guys, I've got a HP 9000 340 which has the Mechanical Engineering Series 10 software installed also it has the HP 46088A table. I don't have any connectors for the HP 46088A not sure what its missing. Also does this act as a license dongle for the software as I get an error when loading the...
  17. robbo007

    Sun Ultra 30 NVRAM issue

    Hi guys. My original Nvram's battery is dead. I read that these are compatible with the Ultra 30 and can be re-programed via the open boot prompt. https://www.digikey.com/en/products/...Y-70PC1/361258 I installed the new NVRAM and I followed this guide...
  18. robbo007

    Sun Ultra 30 type 5 (optic) mouse problems

    Hi guys, I'm having problems with my Ultra30 and the type 5 optical mouse. Keyboard works fine. Mouse plugged into the slot on the bottom of the keyboard but I don't get any movement in CDE. The buttons seems to work as they bring up menu's. I've replaced the mouse with a known working mouse and...
  19. robbo007

    tc511000ap-10 IC's

    Hi guys, I've got a 286 clone with tc511000ap-10 IC's onboard RAM. I am right in saying these are the same as 41256's CMOS 256k RAM? Which seem readily available. I see you can buy them new from Jameco but a tad expensive. Chinese ebay sellers seems to sell them in 10 packs. Has anyone had...
  20. robbo007

    Micro Express PCIII Portable computer help

    Hi guys, I've got an old Micro Express PCIII portable computer. I'm trying to troubleshoot the problem. The computer turns on a I get to the post screen where its checking everything and then about 20 seconds later I loose video. If I turn it off and on again nothing comes up. If I wait 10mins...