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    Compaticard IV & Uniform-PC

    I have an oddball Compaticard IV with no DIP switches and no BIOS, date stamped 1989. None of the Compaticard drivers on the Internet seem to work with it. I think it might have been designed to work with Uniform-PC v3, but I can't find a copy of this version of Uniform. Does anyone know how...
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    Looking for Kaypro SWP Co-Power-88 Core Software

    Does anyone have a Kaypro version of the SWP Co-Power 88 utility software in ImageDisk or Teledisk format? I've acquired the DOS and CPM-86 Teledisk images from the Zorba z80 site and they should work, but I don't believe the Zorba PCDOS.COM and RAMDISK.COM files from the SWP utility disk are...
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    Heath/Zenith Z-100 with Tons of Original Software and Manuals - Dallas, TX

    I'm letting my Z-100 go to make room for other projects. In addition to the computer, I have over 200 Z-100 software titles on 5 1/4" floppies and just about every manual ever released for the Z-100 series computers. Please note: The hard drive has finally failed after 30 years and the floppy...
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    Zenith Z-100 Gaming Find

    Greetings and Happy New Year, Z-100 Brothers! Why not meet the new year with some authentic Avalon Hill games released specifically for the Z-100 platform! The Z-100 software archives now contain four classic Avalon Hill games that were ported to the Z-100 series CP/M platform: Stocks & Bonds...
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    Replacing the fan in my Z-100

    Probably the biggest complaint of the Z-100 was the fan noise. The noise is so loud that when I would power up my Z-100 for some retro fun, I was unable to hear much of anything outside of the room. I finally decided to do something about it and set about figuring out how to replace the fan of...
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    Z-100 Software and Manual Archive

    For months I have been transferring data from old deteriorating 5 1/4" and 8" floppies over 19.2k and 38.4k serial links in an effort to digitally preserve software used on the marvelous Zenith Z-100 computer - a computer so versatile that it could run CP/M, CP/M3, CP/M-86, Concurrent CP/M, ZDOS...
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    High Speed IMP v2.46 Communications Program for CP/M

    IMP is a terminal communications program written by Irvin Hoff. It was very popular in it's day but was never designed to handle baud rates much above 9600 bps. I recently modified IMP to make it capable of up to 115k baud rates by optimizing the send/receive paths within the software and...
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    Newly available manuals for the Heath-Zenith H/Z-100 available

    I recently acquired Bill Adney's Z-100 and the many many manuals and software that he has collected over the years. Bill used to write for Remark and Sextant magazines and authored a few books on PCs from that era. Bill is a great guy to talk with and I'm very happy he decided to part with the...