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  1. EkriirkE

    Macintosh Classic Making weird static sound

    When it was recapped, did you thoroughly wash the board as well? I'm leaning more towards there being some crossed signals on the logic board
  2. EkriirkE

    is there a chkdsk type tool for CP/M?

    IIRC my Kaypro 10 had something called HDDIAG? Which fixed mine right up
  3. EkriirkE

    Repair service for Mac 128k/512k?

    Does it come to life it you hit it on the side? These were notorious for cold solder joints on the wiring harnesses. And repair shop capable of novice soldering can handle that
  4. EkriirkE

    Replacements for 'blowing' rice-paper capacitors on Osborne1

    You should replace the secondary electrolytics as well, 3 of the Osbones I come across all of them were all dried out (2x 1 and 1x Exec)
  5. EkriirkE

    Osborne 1 Debug

    Maybe the membrane(s) sags and makes contact in places from being idle and the heat tightens it back up?
  6. EkriirkE

    Osborne 1 Single Density Boot Diskette

    I was able to make my floppies from downloaded (TD0) files with a PIII machine and its onboard FDC, and Epson SD800 combo 1.44/1.2 disk drive. TeleDisk seemed to want to work and the O1 booted from the disks up to a point (logo) but then filled the screen with garbage and froze (reset button...
  7. EkriirkE

    Osborne 1 Debug

    Awesome, such an easy fix! I'm glad the disks worked out for you
  8. EkriirkE

    Finally part of the Amiga club! Scored a curbside A1000 pickup

    A free curbside pickup, only missing a mouse but it came with everything else and more! Extra FDD StarBoard2 which adds 2MB RAM, RTC, and FPU A-Max Macintosh emulation dongle Binder of software So happy, especially with the A-Max - I forgot such a thing existed. It also has a Kickstart 1.3 ROM...
  9. EkriirkE

    An industrial programmer running CP/M-86: Siemens S5 PG 685

    I didn't see any rule restricting to Z80 but this little guy runs an Intel 8088 @ 6MHz (I think) with 512KB RAM and a 20MB HDD on a backplane system. I could not find any Siemens software on it other than the licensed CP/M-86, and S5 PLC design files. I suspect maybe the designer/programmer...
  10. EkriirkE

    My recent acquision: Ericsson Portable PC: built-in printer, plasma, bodged ISA/HDD

    ca. 1985, it has an Intel 8088@4.77MHz, 256K RAM, a built-in printer, a 20MB HDD, and a plasma screen! I didn't research the machine before buying it, and no photos of it running were offered so I had no idea it would be plasma. IBM DOS 3 is installed, along with DEC GEM/3, Norton...
  11. EkriirkE

    Corona Data Systems PPC-11

    Just wanted to share this machine I picked up a while ago, 8088 + 512KB RAM: Album: https://imgur.com/gallery/JLL3ObI or (I forgot how to make thumbnails appear) https://i.imgur.com/JV64t8N.jpg https://i.imgur.com/CqpilD2.jpg https://i.imgur.com/mlJVcS5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/6pnMuqD.jpp...
  12. EkriirkE

    Percy computer, a Compaq SLT variant?

    I bought this thing because of the cool keyboard arrangement, and it looks extremely similar to a Compaq SLT except: Screen bezel & controls Keyboard arrangement (physical arrangement, key sizes, status LEDs) Front panel LEDs FDD slot/button Insides: Any thoughts?
  13. EkriirkE

    Compaq LTE Lite/25 w/ Docking Station

    Proud owner of this beastly combination... The battery still works! Featuring a 386 25MHz, 8MB RAM, 200MB HDD, 640x480 greyscale LCD (2810) Running Windows 3.11 for Workgroups Sexy backside shot. Serial, Parallel, VGA, Expansion, Audio, Power OOPS! I accidentally UN-portableized it...
  14. EkriirkE

    ACME Portable PII/III, an industrial luggable

    I wanted a desktop machine that was not-too-modern to bridge the gap between my older hardware and more modern hardware. I found this on eBay and it looked like a good contender, so I ensured it! Slot 1 PIII 850, 1GB RAM maxed from 256MB, 32GB SD up from 9GB HDD Convenient Tote Bag Rear...
  15. EkriirkE

    Found an "STN ATLAS" military luggable

    Picked this mystery box off of ebay as "Non functioning". No idea of the state of internals, etc. After some messing It works just dandy as a Socket 7 Pentium 100 More pictures here https://imgur.com/gallery/m8qbqY0
  16. EkriirkE

    Apple Newton MessagePad 100 (OMP H1000) Flickering/glitching screen, no/low sound fix

    I recently purchased a defective Original MessagePad (OMP) for a good price hoping to fix it blindly. And I did; 2 compact electrolytic capacitors inside had leaked and gone bad, there are 3 in total inside the device but 1 is not the typical compact/surface-mount kind that goes bad and can...